Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Keep your surroundings mosquito free with India’s first automatic mosquito dispenser - HiCare’s AutoMos

India has seen a doubling of dengue and other vector-borne cases recently. While hygiene and sanitation inside commercial premises play a critical role in controlling an infestation, there is very little that can be done about surrounding stagnant water bodies that is where mosquito breeding typically occurs. HiCare, India’s leading Pest Solutions company, has launched an innovative solution to keep the mosquitoes at bay – HiCare’s AutoMos - India’s only mosquito repellent auto dispenser.

AutoMos has proven to be very effective across offices, restaurants, gyms, hotels, plazas, boutiques, clinics, hospitals, schools, manufacturing units, coffee shops, etc. You just set it once and it provides hassle-free, warranty-backed protection from mosquitoes for 3 months. HiCare’s automatic mosquito repellent dispenser can protect your family from Dengue, Malaria, Zika, and Chikungunya spreaders for just Rs 5/- per day. This product also works effectively against flies! 

Mr. Sumit Nadgir, Chief Executive Officer, HiCare Services Pvt. Ltd. says “With the

increasing need for hygiene and sanitation, it is essential to make sure that your place of work is

free from any sort of contamination. Vector-borne diseases are increasing every year at an alarming rate. HiCare is proud to introduce an innovative mosquito control solution that offers customer convenience while using significantly fewer chemicals.”

HiCare has a robust commercial & industrial clientele spanning various sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing, and IT. HiCare believes in digital and responsible hygiene and therefore has warranty-backed services. Superior technical knowledge, well-trained professional experts, and global standards in chemicals have helped us build a strong brand name and retain the leadership position in the Indian market for pest control and hygiene services. 

For bulk booking & customized offer for your employees and customers give a missed call at 080-47188181 or book on product.hicare.in

About HiCare

HiCare is India's leading Digital & Responsible Home Hygiene & Pest Control Brand. Est. since 1993, and has served more than 1 million homes, and 25,000+ businesses in 200+ cities. They take pride in the fact that no one understands pests the way they do. In Pest Control, HiCare specializes in services for Roaches, Termites, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Bedbugs, and Wood Borers among other pests. They also offer Bird Netting, Microbial Disinfection & Professional Cleaning Services. HiCare has the second largest market share in this industry, with commercial & industrial clientele spanning across various sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing, and IT. Marquee and demanding brands like Amazon, Big Bazaar, Hewlett Packard, Glenmark, T, Serum Institute – to name a few, trust their pest control and hygiene needs with HiCare.

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