Tuesday, August 3, 2021

ITCstore.in’s CARE Basket initiative to support Dabbawalas, receives Mumbaikars’ support

ITC CARE Basket, an initiative in collaboration with Akshay Patra to supply essentials to those whose incomes are affected due to the pandemic’s second wave, ushers in support for the Dabbawalas  

Mumbai, 3rd August, 2021: The pandemic period, spanning over a year, has seen many gallant and empathetic instances of communities coming ahead to support each other during one of the most challenging phases of human history. One such example of compassion and fellow-feeling is getting unfolded right in our beloved city Mumbai with a large number of Mumbaikars coming out generously in support of our very own Dabbawalas to help them tide over the difficult times. FMCG major ITC Ltd., has been the enabler in this noble citizen-led initiative. The second wave of the pandemic has resulted in many communities including the Mumbai Dabbawalas losing their source of income, impacting their lives & families. To bring some respite to the community to fight through the pandemic, ITC Ltd. and Akshay Patra are encouraging Mumbaikars to extend their support to Dabbawalas. To bring to fore the hardships faced by the community, ITC Ltd. released a digital video and also initiated a mass WhatsApp campaign to reach out to all the customers who availed services of Dabbawala, prior to the pandemic 

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6CRxk6GdtM&t=1s 

Following this campaign, many conscious citizens chipped in with their contribution and continue to purchase a CARE Basket which enables support of food and essential requirements for the Dabbawala and his family.  

ITCstore.in delivered the first batch of the generously contributed CARE Baskets to Nutan Mumbai Dabbawala Association’s office today. Manu Mehrotra, Director, Operations and Projects - Maharashtra, Akshaya Patra, presented the baskets to Vishnu Kaldoke, a Mumbai Dabbawala who has served Mumbaikars through his profession for over 22 years, also the representative of the Dabbawala Association, to further distribute amongst the Dabbawala community. ITCstore.in will continue deliveries of the donated baskets to the association, in batches as the initiative continues to gain momentum. 

The quintessential view of men donning white outfits and traditional Gandhi caps/ topis with stacks of tiffin boxes was a common scene during the pre Covid times on the streets of Mumbai. The resilient lot of Dabbawalas, known to serve a sizeable number of Mumbaikars throughout the day, across all seasons, have been facing difficult times/existential crisis. To pull through the pandemic infused difficult phase, the community looks forward to returning of the normalcy but in the meanwhile has also been worried about supporting their family’s daily essential needs. In cognizance of the situation, ITC’s CARE Basket offers an assortment of ITC’s wide range of FMCG products, from brands like Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, B Natural, Savlon and YiPPee! .  

ITC Ltd. has already committed CARE Baskets to the community and looks forward to the continued support of Mumbaikars to help the Dabbawala community fight through these difficult times. Conscious citizen who wish to contribute to the community can visit https://www.akshayapatra.org/itc-basket2and do the needful.  

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