Thursday, May 7, 2020

ShouryaaOnline Launches an Online Marketplace for Education & Certification – Boost Your Career… @ Godspeed

An exclusive marketplace for all types of academic & professional certification and their training institute across all fields (viz.IT & Engg, Health & Medicine, Management & Finance, Science & Arts.)

Chennai, May 05, 2020: The covid-19 pandemic has created huge mayhem across the globe. Apart from the colossal impact this pandemic has left on the economy in various countries, the education sector also has taken a massive blow. Schools and colleges have been closed for over a month now. According to a statistic released by UNESCO, more than 360 million students have been affected by this outbreak. But that doesn’t mean that students need to remain dormant in their homes. A lot of online education platforms are providing best-in-class coaching online.

In this line, Shouryaa Edutech Pvt. Ltd is launching, an online marketplace offering online courses, books and articles on all kinds of academic and professional certifications. ShouryaaOnline has partnered with various acclaimed training institutions across the country to showcase the best courses across all fields. The major highlight of ShouryaaOnline is that it not only offers online education but also helps students to get a certification for their efforts. While other online coaching websites only offer courses on specific categories, ShouryaaOnline courses across all niches including:

•Information Technology
•Health Science
•Hospitality & Tourism
•Fashion & Fine Art
•Management Studies
•Study Abroad Exams (GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFT, and IELTS)

About Shouryaa Edutech

Shouryaa Online is a brand owned by the Shouryaa Edutech Pvt. Ltd, which operates 3 more brands including, Career Desk, Avon Academy and, CD Overseas.
Career Desk: It is one of the largest e-learning websites in the country that is involved in helping to choose the right career. Online coaching for various competitive exams is provided by experts and professionals in the industry.

Avon Academy: Online e-learning program specially designed by subject-matter experts, is largely aimed to educate and assist students and professionals exclusively in the area of Finance, Management, Law, NET/SET and MBA entrance.
CD Overseas: Offers counseling, admission and visa assistance to study, and settle abroad.
Why Choose ShouryaaOnline for Online Coaching & Certification?

ShouryaaOnline is a leading online ecommerce marketplace for education that guarantees to boost your career at god speed. It is one of the first online platforms to cover every other category out there and become a one-stop-shop for online learning and certification. While some platforms only offer online coaching and others provide only certification courses, Shouryaa is the first to offer both online courses from reputed institutes and certification in a single platform.

ShouryaaOnline is launched with the aim of reaching out to the students and professionals out there to guarantee them a six-figure salary career. Other reasons why one should choose ShouryaaOnline are:

•Offers courses on various categories at affordable prices
•Courses taught by experienced and skilled tutors
•Reliable and trusted brand
•Online platform access from everyone and anywhere
•Offers both free and premium memberships
•Reasonable pricing
•Graded assignments
•Peer reviews
•Learn from the comfort of your home
•On-demand access to courses
•Flexible learning platform
•One-stop-shop to browse courses from reputed institutions across the county
•Choose from books and articles from famous authors at discounted prices

Institutes and authors willing to showcase their courses, books, and articles at ShouryaaOnline during the launch are eligible to enjoy a discount of 25% on their premium membership.

For more details:
Contact and to get more details about the online courses and pricing. You can also call them at 9619614402 for any queries.

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