Tuesday, May 12, 2020

‘Academy for Digital Marketing Courses to kick start a wave of digital learning amidst lockdown’

~Liqvd Asia and Frameboxx 2.0 bring Industry Stalwarts together with the launch of ADMC for GenZ~

Mumbai, May 12, 2020: The COVID – 19 pandemic might have put a million dreams on halt with the lockdown & isolation giving rise to insecurities. However amidst all the chaos and uncertainties Liqvd Asia, a digital 1st all service advertising agency based out of India & Singapore and Frameboxx 2.0, a premier academy for media and creative arts have joined forces to launch The ADMC, Academy for Digital Marketing Courses, one of India’s premier digital marketing institutes with a vision to improve digital marketing knowledge with comprehensive, training programmes, LIVE projects and more importantly guaranteed job focused certifications that connect aspirants to real opportunities.

Starting 21st May, 2020, ADMC will provide learning opportunities to everybody interested in learning the different aspects of digital marketing. The courses are designed to build on the foundation of the changing aspects of online learning. ADMC will play a major role to up skill digital marketers who specialize in a particular area but want to advance their current knowledge, business owners looking to use digital strategies to grow their business or even beginners or students looking for a hobby or career in digital marketing. It will capture and aid the current growth of digital learning for GenZ, Newcomers, Teenagers, upcoming Marketing Professionals and anyone who aspires to be the best digital marketer. ADMC which also creatively stands for Advertising. Digital. Media. & Coding. is the right place for all career skilling training for the future.

ADMC’ offers a range of flexible programs like Full Time courses, Weekend and Weekday courses and even Short-Term courses specifically designed keeping in mind different types of knowledge seekers. ADMC gives you an opportunity to learn from the best minds from the industry as it boasts names like Dinesh Swamy, Paridhi Bhatiya, Jabir Merchant, Vishnukant Gokul, Rajeesh Rajagopalan, Subhadeep Bhattacharyya, Lucile Pereira who are industry stalwarts from across sectors & first of kind access to Indian & International digital stars like Christel Quek, Sorabh Pant, Bhuvan Bam, Dot Lung, Ben Legg and Prerna Makharia to name a few.  Chaired by Arnab Mitra, Managing Director, Liqvd Asia as the lead of Knowledge Board, the academy provides detailed learning materials, assessments, case study examples and most importantly boasts of online & real-world support from the industry professionals like none in the training industry.

Rajesh R. Turakhia, Managing Director of ADMC & Founder of Frameboxx 2.0 said, “Digital Marketing and Online presence are fast becoming the norm over traditional mediums of communication with our target audience. In fact, in the current times more and more people are online and so it has become even more relevant today. Keeping this in mind we are launching along with Liqvd Asia a reputed company in the field of digital experiential marketing an academy for Digital Marketing courses designed by domain experts with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our industry-relevant curriculum will ensure that the trainee comes out of the course ready to enter the job market. An internationally recognized certification will also be a part of these programs.”

Dinesh Swamy, Chief Creative Officer, Bcwebwise, a well-known premium digital advertising agency with over 2.5 decades of experience & one of the chief mentors of ADMC said "Digital marketing is now mainstream and brands are preferring ‘Digital First’ as the marketing objective. Digital Marketing will evolve as the most powerful medium to interact with consumers. With a strong probability like this and a mission to empower minds with the right knowledge, ADMC created a chance to learn and imbibe futuristic courses that are focussed on employable skills. Mastering social platforms, tools, data understanding, interface, straggles with powerful insights that will not only make learning easier, but the learner becomes a specialist in the game! I have personally evolved with the Digital trends working with various Digital Marketing Agencies and brands. It is a great opportunity to be part of the ADMC committee team to design & put forth a syllabus which ensures that the programs offered and are always relevant and updated with the current trends."

ADMC’s aim is to dissolve the demand-supply gap that prevails in the industry currently thanks to traditional thinking & archaic digital marketing curriculums being offered all across. Indian Gen Z which is 52% of the population of the country deserves a vocational training company that caters to their needs. ADMC aspires to launch new age programs around Influencer Marketing, Use of Instagram as a marketing channel, TikTok Marketing, Python Programming, AI Basics & Advanced and more importantly a yearlong membership that will allow users/students in general to keep abreast with this forever changing medium and stay ahead of the curve.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and Join ADMC and transform your career in this digital world. Now while you may have to start online keeping in mind the current situations, be rest assured that the company is speaking of 100 franchises by the next year at the same time.


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