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WORLD ART CONCLAVE 2024 is scheduled from 27th to 30th March 2024 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Artwork by Bhagwan Rampure

India’s first Artist Centric Art Expo WORLD ART CONCLAVE 2024 is scheduled from 27th to 30th March 2024 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai organized by ANSWERS ONEWORLD, a full-service Creative and Media Company.

Rajan Jadhav is the Founder Director of Answers OneWorld, a full-service creative, event & media co. Being a branding consultant, spanning two decades in creative & media industry, having successfully handled top-notch brands and super brands. His dynamic personality tries to learn and experiment every time with a sincere passion to deliver, with integrity, innovation, and creativity. 

Pravin Gangurde is a professional and renowned artist, having more than 25+ years of experience in the art industry. He has been part of several national and international art exhibitions, expos & have received national and international awards in his career.

Rajan Jadhav and Pravin Gangurde, both have studied Commercial Art at the JJ School of Art in Mumbai. They have founded an Art group ‘The Original Maestro’ in 2020, under which they are organizing some of Art Exhibitions, Art Workshops & Seminars. Now together Answers Oneworld & The Original Maestro are introducing the International Standard Art Expo – World Art Conclave 2024.

World Art Conclave Art Expo 2024 is an Artist Centric Platform for renowned, professional and budding artists as well as galleries to display their artworks and connect with art collectors and enthusiasts. WAC Art Expo 2024 is a space for great art with 25,300 sq.ft. area, 130+ booths, 1000+ panels, 400+ artist and 4000+ artworks & art installation. The artwork to be exhibited will be selected by esteemed jury members at par with international standards. Various art styles and forms including painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media will be displayed at this art expo. World Art Conclave is an experience, where you get a chance to engage in art talks, workshops, seminars, live art demonstrations & entertainment. 

The esteemed panel of patrons consists of renowned artists and free thinkers. WAC Art Expo 2024 have brilliant artistic minds on board. Prof. Prabhakar Kolte is an institution in himself, known for his excellence in modern abstraction and his art talks. His works have been exhibited in major shows in India & Abroad. The Padma Shree award winner Sudharak Owle, with his photography works exhibited across the globe. The Ex Director of Prince of Wales Museum, Dilip Ranade is among the eminent personalities to grace the panel. Prof. Moggalan Shravasti, a renowned artist who is inclined towards Buddhist philosophy. Vinod Sharma, a renowned artist and a curator known for his mastery over his medium and his mindscapes. All of the patrons will be showcasing their Art on WAC Art Expo 2024. 

WAC Art Expo 2024 is delight to have artists like Ratan Saha, Pramodbabu Ramteke, Bhagwan Rampure, Fionn Wilson (UK), Judith Carlin (USA), Patricia Turner (USA), Ramani Narayan (Germany), M.Narayan, Rajendra Kapse Archana Sonti, Sarabita Das, Purnima Dabholkar, Ajay Meshram, Vittal Muppidy, Shrirang Badve, Kiran Hotkar, Ajit Choudhary, Nandkumar Gopal Karle, S. Vinitkumar,  Anna Kurian, P J Stalin, Dinkar Jadhav, Jagannath Paul, Om Swami, P. Gnana, Ami Patel, Niladri Paul, Anand Panchal, Nilesh Vede, Umakant Kanade, Mahesh Soundatte, and many more. We are deeply honoured to have such brilliant artistic minds on board to showcase their artistic masterpiece at the WAC Platform.

Booth Sponsorship for the Social cause and to uplift the artists who are facing challenges and are not getting exposer in a Private Art Expo, we at World Art Conclave wants to give these artists a Platform where they can showcase their Art to the world. 

WAC Art Expo gives opportunity for Talented and upcoming/budding artist with good work facing financial problems. Artists who have not received success due to non-exposer to bigger platforms can showcase their art. Artists facing health challenges or physically handicapped can get opportunity to display their artwork at this art expo.

The WAC Art Expo takes great pride in its Student Pavilion, which provides a platform for young and talented artists to showcase their artwork in the exhibition. Through this initiative, the WAC Art Expo aims to promote and encourage budding artists and provide them with a chance to exhibit their creative works to a wider audience. The Student Pavilion provides a unique opportunity for these artists to showcase their talent and express themselves through their art. It's a great way for them to gain exposure and recognition in the art community. The WAC Art Expo is committed to fostering young talent and helping them achieve their artistic goals.

WAC Art Expo2024 is an exceptional platform of Invitees that brings together a diverse group of creative individuals including Architects, Interior Designers, Celebrities, Corporate Professionals and Entrepreneurs from various industries, along with Art Enthusiasts, Collectors, Buyers, and Curators. These invitees are leaders in their respective fields, and they have a keen eye for creativity and innovation.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this unique art expo. Visit World Art Conclave Art Expo to explore & buy the best of artworks.

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