Wednesday, March 27, 2024

ETP Group launches next generation solutions in Unified Commerce retail management: Ordazzle and ETP Unify

27 March 2024, MUMBAI: ETP Group, Asia’s Leading Retail Software Company, has announced the launch of two new and innovative platforms - Ordazzle and ETP Unify – to redefine the retail and e-commerce landscape in India. Built for both online only and online-offline retail businesses of all sizes, the two platforms offer top-of-the-line capabilities in streamlining multiple operations to ensure seamless and consistent customer experiences, thereby driving loyalty and business growth.

The enterprise-class, scalable, and secure platforms will target the USD 28 trillion global retail and e-commerce market1. The company plans to make Ordazzle and ETP Unify a key contributor to the USD 3.22 billion global retail and e-commerce software market2.

Said Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Chairman and CEO, ETP Group, “Ordazzle and ETP Unify are being simultaneously launched in India. The cloud-native, AI-powered SAAS platforms are built for scale. The platforms offer unmatched scalability and a beautiful, intuitive user interface that ensures rapid adoption with minimal training time. With these platforms, retailers can effortlessly navigate the complexities of both physical retail and e-commerce, improve cash flow management and profitability, and deliver exceptional customer experiences that are consistent and channel-agnostic.”

The two platforms will offer retailers a multitude of benefits:

Amazing Customer Experiences for Increased Customer Loyalty

Real-time Visibility of Inventory for Higher Inventory Turnaround

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Improved Profitability

Powerful Order Fulfillment for Superior Customer Service

Centralized Information Management for Higher Employee Productivity

Unprecedented Scalability to Support Your Growth

ETP Unify is a pioneering cloud-native unified commerce retail software, designed with M.A.C.H. architecture for seamless integration of retail and e-commerce functionalities. Its user-friendly interface consolidates all data into one database, empowering merchants to serve customers across channels efficiently. With features like AI-driven order anomaly detection and dynamic product recommendations, ETP Unify empowers retailers to optimise inventory operations and drive sales growth for improved ROI. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, facilitating cross-channel loyalty initiatives. This unified system enhances the ability to cross-sell and upsell products across various channels, leverage advanced clienteling techniques to maximise sales opportunities and create amazing customer experiences.

Ordazzle is a multi-channel e-commerce platform leveraging AI technology to streamline order management for online retail operations. It offers a range of features including order and product management, logistics, smart API, and seamless integration with marketplaces and webstores. This innovation eradicates the hassles and time lags associated with logging into numerous online seller portals individually to upload new products and modify attributes like price, stock, media, and promotional offers. With Ordazzle, retailers can easily upload and update product data across various channels with a single click. It  also provides real-time detection of anomalous orders or breaches of service-level agreements. With scalability at its core, Ordazzle has been rigorously tested to handle an astounding 5 million orders per day per customer, providing retailers unparalleled efficiency and performance.

About ETP Group:

ETP Group is a leading Unified Commerce Retail Software company, with a 35 year track record of delivering top-of-the line retail technology products across 24 countries in Asia Pacific. ETP's strength lies in its ability to provide robust and innovative retail solutions built with the latest technology, architecture and design.

ETP's comprehensive suite encompasses a broad spectrum of retail needs, from POS and store operations to unified promotions, inventory management, order fulfilment, product information management, and seamless integration with marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. It provides a frictionless and consistent shopping experience for consumers across all channels – wherever, whenever, and however they choose to shop.




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