Saturday, March 16, 2024

RRP Electronics Ltd to be the first company in MAHARASHTRA to Set up semiconductor facility .

RRP Electronics ltd  has entered into a joint venture agreement with a European consortiums well established in Designing OSAT(Assembly and Testing) and FAB technology .

They have already commenced their journey and will lay the foundation stone in their new premises admeasuring a total areas of 25000 sq ft on 23rd March 2024.

RRP Electronics Ltd will immediately initiate on fast track basis the set up and commencement of the OSAT facility and will be adequately supported by the technology partner to ensure continuity of work.

In the coming times , the unit inaugurated whilst setting up the OSAT, will be converted into a RnD centre

The bigger set up comprising of OSAT Fab foundry and manufacture will be deployed in Maharashtra by seeking assistance of  Maharashtra Government for land and related activity.

RRP Electronics Ltd will invest 5000 Cr in next 5 years and also similar investment in further five years in phase II and will also attempt to seek subsidy benefits in the coming times.

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