Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Apex Group of Hospitals completed 200 Stroboscopy procedures in Borivali

Mumbai- Most of the common people facing voice problems who have high Voice demands such as teachers, singers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, bus conductor, actors, voiceover artists, vendors, policemen, toddler mothers and many more. Voice disorders are fairly common and affect a large part of the population. Voice disorders can develop at any age and may be characterized by hoarseness, breathiness, strained and/or unpredictable voice quality. There may or may not be associated sensation of pain, strain or tension in the throat or neck muscles. To find out exact voice problems, Stroboscopy procedure is standard investigation and Apex group of hospitals have completed 200 Stroboscopy procedures from all age groups in Borivali.

On this occasion Dr. Binhi Desai ENT and Voice Surgeon- Otorhinolaryngologist, Founder of 'SWAR Voice and Swallowing clinic' at Apex Superspeciality Hospital, Borivali, says, “Our voice is just like our fingerprints-each person’s is unique. Our voice is a mirror to our soul. For many of us, our voice plays a major role in our identity, personality and how we communicate with others. When this delicate balance of airflow and muscle movements is disturbed, we may develop a voice disorder. Many people don’t give much thought to their voice, or the incredible vocal anatomy that makes speech possible, until they experience a problem. However, the inability to effectively use our voice can have a major impact on our quality of life, affecting our interpersonal relationships, school or work performance, and overall confidence and self-esteem. My suggestion: if your voice has changed more than two weeks you must visit your ENT doctor and take his or her opinion. Common voice problems will be Vocal Cord Polyps, cysts, nodules, keratosis, laryngeal cancer, vocal fold immobility, and to find out voice problem patients must go through Stroboscopy procedure. Stroboscopy is a gold standard investigation for all patients suffering from voice problems. We are the SECOND in the whole of Mumbai to have the Best Olympus flexible Stroboscopy system at Apex Superspeciality Hospital in Borivali." 

Apex Group of Hospitals is a chain of Hospitals managed and run by expert Medical Professionals with experience of 25 years. Currently Apex group of Hospitals manage more than 350+ beds and provide qualitative healthcare services to the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Apex Hospitals is located in Borivali, Kandivali & Mulund.

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