Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Nippon Paint India to Help Over 1000 Automotive Workers AmidstCovid-19 Crisis

 Nippon Paint India-Automotive Refinish has donated internally-raised funds to over 1000 workers and painters in the automotive refinish business as the Covid-19 crisis continues to wreak havoc to business and economy in the country. The funds have been generated through a Trust that is run and funded by employees of Nippon Paint India – Automotive Refinish business for the welfare of painters and colour matchers associated with the business.Nippon Paint aims to show solidarity and its support to members of the struggling automobile refinish industry that continues to face hardship amid economic slowdown in the country and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Sharad Malhotra, President, Nippon Paint India – Automotive Refinishes & Wood Coatings said, “The Covid-19 epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to many members of India’s economically weaker sections of the society. It is not just our duty but a privilege to be able to help our fellow countrymen. Automotive refinish business, along with the rest of the automobile industry, is going through an unprecedented challenging time and it is our duty to look out for our community members and ensure a safe future for them.”
Nippon Paint India is a leading producer of high-quality paints and coatings for automotive refinish, industrial and decorative sectors. Nippon Paint India is part of the NIPSEA Group which, together with Nippon Paint of Japan, forms the largest coatings group in Asia Pacific and the 4th largest in the world in terms of revenue.

About Nippon India

Founded in Japan, Nippon Paint has over 139 years of experience in paint manufacturing. Nippon Paint is now the number one paint manufacturer in Asia, and is one of the top paint manufacturers of the world. Nippon Paint India is part of NIPSEA Group, which has over 20,587 employees with 72 manufacturing facilities and operations in 16 countries efficiently serving all aspects of the business, from production to customer satisfaction. Nippon Paint Automotive Refinish portfolio provides complete paint and consumables solutions for organised car dealer body shops, independent body shops and small sized body shops.


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