Monday, April 27, 2020

Mr. Praveen Tyagi Managing Director, Pace- IIT & Medical

CEO and Founder, EduIsFun Technologies (STEPapp) B.Tech from IIT-Delhi

Mr. Praveen Tyagi, is an educationist, a man with a vision to make quality education accessible
to even the remotest parts of India. Hailing from a modest background, he has come a long way
to become a reckoned name in the field of education. His contributions through Pace-IIT and
Medical, have been recognized and appreciated by IIT Bombay, the CBSE and top International
Universities such as Stanford, MIT, etc. His biography was featured in the book ‘My Life, My Rules:
Stories of 18 Unconventional Careers' by Sonia Golani.

After 20 years of leading students to elite institutions, his vision has now expanded to
strengthening the pillars of education in India. Through EduIsFun Technologies that he heads,
Mr. Praveen Tyagi has developed STEP(Student Talent Enhancement Program)app, a
revolutionary ed-tech product focused on gamification of learning. It goes beyond the barriers of
gender, economic class, and accessibility to make meritocracy democratic with a chance of
winning scholarships that are monetary and substantial enough to be a game-changer.

Mr. Tyagi comes from a village called Morta in Uttar Pradesh. He is the eldest amongst the 9
siblings. Despite being from a family whose primary occupation was farming, he and his siblings
were encouraged to study. With little academic support, he still pursued his dream and was
successfully enrolled into IIT-Delhi.
While at IIT-D, Mr. Tyagi discovered that he had a flair for teaching. It was a time when IIT
Coaching classes were flourishing across Delhi and North India. However, during a brief internship
at BARC in Mumbai towards the end of his third year at IIT- D, he realized that there was a serious
lack of good quality IIT coaching institutes in Mumbai. Quick to capitalize on the gap, after
graduating from IIT- Delhi, he headed straight to Mumbai, leading to the incorporation of PACE.

PACE began in 1999 with Mr. Praveen Tyagi coaching a handful of students on the premises of
G. D. Somani Memorial School at Cuffe Parade. It produced wonderful results in its very first
batch - Selections in IIT-JEE, Ranks in the Top 100, and a Gold Medal for India at the International
Physics Olympiad in Turkey. He continued to deliver top rankers in IIT, MED, and MH-CET and
Medals in International Olympiads year after year, and PACE grew in name and fame.
Mr. Tyagi pioneered the concept of integrated learning, a means to eliminate the time wasted by
students in traveling from school to coaching classes. PACE's integrated program started as
collaboration with RN Podar in Santacruz. Now, with permission from the government of
Maharashtra, PACE has 6 of its own junior colleges showcasing the highest cut-offs for science.
Mr. Praveen Tyagi has also been keen on helping deserving students who would otherwise be
denied higher education due to financial constraints. In collaboration with the Government of
Maharashtra, PACE started a “Super 50 batch” wherein fifty underprivileged yet brilliant children
are handpicked from all over Maharashtra and arrangements are made for their free boarding,
lodging, and coaching in Mumbai. Additionally, meritorious students are distributed high
scholarships every year to ensure finances are never a hindrance to quality education
Today, PACE operates 51 centers across 8 states, 6 Junior colleges and one 24-acre Global School
with over 800 students successfully enrolling into IITs across India from PACE alone every year in
the past 4 years.

To make top-quality education fun, easy and accessible to all, Mr. Tyagi, through EduIsFun
Technologies developed STEP(Student Talent Enhancement Program)app, a revolutionary
ed-tech application with gamified learning.
The STEPapp is developed by Mr. Tyagi with the help of 400+IITians and doctors to help students
from grade 5th to 11th gain clarity in Math and Science concepts in a fun and entertaining way.
Mr. Praveen Tyagi also believes in the idea of making quality education accessible to the
remotest child at an affordable price.
The STEPapp has been welcomed and appreciated by leading schools, top businessmen and
government officials. With excellent features like gamification, personalization, adaptive
learning, rewards and scholarships, and interesting content, he is set on impacting the lives of
students in India.

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