Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Team Mikey McCleary – the talent behind the music of Four More Shots season 2

Mikey McCleary has always managed to create unique and refreshing music, be it for advertisements or for movies. From creating iconic music for Lucky Ali albums, Bollywood films, music for brands such as Levis, Coca Cola and Vodafone to even turning those tunes into full pop songs and music videos, Mikey McCleary has always managed to change the face of music with his innovative sound.

He’s worked as a solo entity for a long time but now McCleary is all about embracing collaboration. His new company, Bay Music House, is a creative hub for up and coming musicians and singers. And there’s no better example of collaboration than the music of Four More Shots Season 2. Whilst Mikey is still very hands on with the creation of the music, the range of sound and variety of expression is a result of collaboration with the several composers on his team at Bay Music House. Season 2 features work by Parth Parekh, Achint Thakkar, Meghdeep Bose and Natania Lalwani. Some of the new singers that Mikey has discovered and recorded for the show include Kaprila Keishing, Zoe Siddarth, Pinky Madasaini, Saachi Rajadhyaksha, Medha Sahi and Natania Lalwani. Mikey is taking it a step further and helping the singers to release indie music videos of their songs from the show.

The series is known for its modern life situations, and music plays a key role bringing out the impact of the drama. Season 2 is full of music, with 20 to 30 new songs that give a contemporary indie vibe to the show. Once again Amazon will be releasing an album of these songs following the popularity of the music of season 1.

Talking about his team’s latest work,  Mikey McCleary quotes,

“There is some incredible talent out there and I am thrilled to be discovering some of it. Collaboration is exciting and keeps music fresh and unique. Bay Music House aims to give a platform for talented singers and composers and the Amazon series Four More  Shots with it’s many songs and dynamic score is the ideal place to bring together this talent and showcase it.”

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