Monday, April 13, 2020

How to take care for Beard Grooming during lockdown by Dr. Mohan Thomas, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Covid 19, the new Corona Virus has not only restricted movement of people but also has made hygiene the prime focus. While washing hands and using sanitizers is on the priority list, taking care of the beard is also as important as it may be the harbinger of the dreaded disease. After all, people with beards always keep grooming it using their hands which can increase the risk of viral transfer from the hand to the face. Also having a beard prevents a complete seal of the mask which has to be used during delivery of essential services hence the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has encouraged a clean-shaven look for personnel in the frontline. The next few months are a perfect opportunity to try something new and low maintenance with regards to the hair and your beard.

The following steps when taken will help you in grooming and maintain your beard if you
already sport it-

1. Washing the Beard regularly- Even though washing your hair daily can dry your hair and also strip off your hair's natural oils, it has to be done using soap and water specially if you go out of the house to buy essential items. It is advised that you don't shampoo your hair as often as you do right now. You should not just use your hair shampoo but also get a hair conditioner, filled with proteins and essential minerals, as it helps strengthen your hair follicles in the scalp and the beard. Using a beard shampoo regularly prevents deposition of grime and dirt along with the viruses thus reducing the chance of a Viral, Bacterial or a fungal infection.

2. Brush your beard regularly- Brushing of the beard is important to improve the blood
circulation in the hair roots along with helping in exfoliation of the flaky dead skin which is present on the surface. This also removes all tangles in the hair and gives you a well-groomed look.

3. Treat that dandruff- In the presence of a chronic dandruff exfoliation becomes very
important. Use of a natural exfoliating agent such as lactic acid found in curd and many skin care products keeps the dandruff in check by soothing the skin and keeping it dandruff free by causing less skin irritation.

4. Use of moisturizers- Beard oil or balm is the best way to moisturize the beard. It is
absorbed into the hair without leaving any residue which can attract grime. The active ingredients of the oil act as sebum and provide natural hydration to the skin at the base of the beard.

5. Beard shaping- With so many people working from home, beard trimming and shaping takes paramount importance. Nobody wants to look shabby on a video call hence taking the time out to trim and shape the beard. More so a good looking beard attracts eye balls on social media as well.

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