Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Distrancing - The Lock-down Music Festival 18 Artists, 3 Days, 1 Page

Dashtag Artketing, an artist promotion initiative, is all set to curate a virtual music festival - 'Distrancing' on their Instagram page on the 24th, 25th & 26th of April, 2020.

"We planned this fundraiser to support independent artists who have been seamlessly making music for years. We aim to highlight the efforts of all the artists out there, making music for the people even during these tough times.", says, Dashankit Londhe (Founder, Dashtag Artketing)  

Distrancing, has an amazing line up of musicians from different genre. The music festival will go LIVE this weekend on Dashtag Artketing's Instagram page (https://bit.ly/DashtagArtketing) to support independent artists & to encourage their talent during this tough time. Considering this as the artist's work from home, the festival is based on an artist appreciation concept, "Pay the artist what you want", wherein the audience can voluntarily contribute via Google Pay.

Festival Schedule:
Where: Dashtag Artketing's Instagram page - https://bit.ly/DashtagArtketing 
  • Friday, 24th April 2020:
    - 4 pm – 4:30 pm: Sanish Nair (Vocalist of Band Euphony) Thane
    - 5 pm – 5:30 pm: Joel Fernando (Flutist) Mumbai
    - 6 pm – 6:30 pm: Rapper Maddy (Splitsvilla fame rapper)
    - 7 pm – 7:30 pm: Pianist Yash (Pianist) Mumbai
    - 8 pm – 8:30 pm: Folk Masti (Indie Folk Band) Thane
    - 9 pm – 9:30 pm: Vatsal Bhargava (Beat-boxer) Mumbai
  • Saturday, 25th April 2020:
    4 pm - 4:30 pm: Suraj Mani (Vocalist of The Tattva Trip)
    - 5 pm - 5:30 pm: Meghdhanush (Rock band) Gujarat
    - 6 pm - 6:30 pm: Mc Hasnain (Rapper) Mumbai
    - 7 pm - 7:30 pm: Kshitija Joshi (Singer) Thane
    - 8 pm - 8:30 pm: Abhanga Repost (Folk Fusion band) Mumbai
    - 9 pm - 9:30 pm: Nickhill (Techno DJ) Mumbai
  • Sunday, 26th April 2020:- 4 pm - 4:30 pm: Divyansh (Santoor) Delhi
    - 5 pm - 5:30 pm: KC Loy (Singer & Music Director) Mumbai
    - 6 pm - 6:30 pm: Aishwarya Pagare (Mandolin) Mumbai
    - 7 pm - 7:30 pm: Neeraj Arya (Folk Singer) Mumbai
    - 8 pm - 8:30 pm: Waagal Germany
    - 9 pm - 9:30 pm: King Urjapati (Psy Trance & Hi Tech DJ) Himachal, Kasol
*Furtados Music, will be supporting this initiative by Dashtag Artketing, by rewarding the above mentioned artists with discount vouchers.
About Dashtag Artketing:
Dashtag Artketing, is an artist promotion initiative where artists support artists through different platforms. They started in November 2019 with their first collaboration as social media partners for Qissa Kothi's play “Romeo Ravidas aur Juliet Devi” Recently they organised 'Quarantine Live Sessions' on their page which attracted numerous artists to join in these live sessions.

With Distrancing, Dashtag Artketing look forward to you, to join the music festival & make it a grand one for the love of music!!!


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