Friday, April 24, 2020

TAITRA Works with Industries to Fight Pandemic Using Integrated Online Services

April 22, 2020, TAIPEI - The coronavirus pneumonia pandemic is raging all over the world. Considering the health and safety of the exhibitors and visitors, as well as cooperating with the central epidemic prevention policy, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) postponed or canceled its trade show in the first half of the year. To fulfill the exhibitors' demand for international marketing and buyers' procurement needs while the exhibitions are canceled or postponed during the pandemic prevention period, TAITRA plans to launch a series of integrated online services to support the exhibitors not to miss any global business opportunities.

For exhibitors participating in this year's 17 trade shows such as TAIPEI CYCLE, TaiSPO, TAIPEI AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei, TAIWAN MOTORCYCLE, AGExpo, COMPUTEX TAIPEI, MEDICAL TAIWAN, FOOD TAIPEI, and more, TAITRA will offer the following 5 integrated online services:

1.Online 2D/VR Exhibition
Exhibitions that are postponed due to the pandemic, TAITRA will build a "2D Online Exhibition Area" to assist exhibitors in establishing e-commerce portals and digital catalogs, to be launched on the first day of the original exhibition date. The online exhibition has built-in buyer online order placement function, without the time and field restrictions, purchase transactions can be made quickly. TAITRA expects to build 17 online exhibitions and conduct dual-network marketing through the and the Taiwan International Trade Shows websites.
In addition, the 2020 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards and the TaiSPO All Star awards are scheduled to launch the VR Online Exhibition for the first time on May 15th. Through the VR 360 ° displays, buyers can easily grasp quality product details.

2.Pre-Show Online Sourcing Meeting
For procurement meetings that are unable to take place on the scheduled dates, TAITRA is organizing "Online Sourcing Meeting" and expanding invitation to global buyers through the 63 TAITRA overseas offices. The TAIPEI AMPA 3-in-1 show Online Sourcing Meeting was launched on April 16. The Online Sourcing Meeting for TAIPEI CYCLE and other exhibitions will take place from May to June. TAITRA expects to organize 5 Online Sourcing Meetings to further service exhibitors participating in the postponed shows, and to precisely match supply and demand.

3.Taiwan Trade Shows Webinars
After the impact of the epidemic, how to accelerate the adjustment of the industry's changes in the target market will be an important issue. TAITRA will organize Taiwan Trade Shows Webinars targeting Taiwan's four major export industries, including auto parts, food, bicycles, and ICT. European, American, and Southeast Asian industry experts will be invited to analyze the impact and opportunities on these industries. The Webinars are scheduled to broadcast on the Taiwan Trade Shows YouTube channel, related exhibition official websites, and social media platforms from May to June.

4.Online New Product Launch
Small and medium-sized exhibitors scheduled to launch new products during the exhibitions were forced to cancel due to the postponement or cancelation of the shows, are now looking for other announcement channels. TAITRA has heard such an urgent demand. It will invite TAIPEI CYCLE, TaiSPO, TAIPEI AMPA 3-in-1 show, COMPUTEX TAIPEI, TAIWAN BEAUTY, and MEDICAL TAIWAN exhibitors to video new product announcements. They will be broadcasted on the Taiwan Trade Shows YouTube channel, related exhibition official websites, and social media platforms, and international buyers are invited to watch. TAITRA's will to assist exhibitors in promoting their new products are without interruption during the pandemic.

5.TTS Insights Online Series (in Chinese)
The international publicity of the exhibitions will not suspend because of the outbreak of the epidemic. TAITRA selected 5 major industries, such as bicycles, auto parts, machinery, medical, and ICT, and cooperate with the media to produce in-depth online analysis reports. Industry experts are invited to analyze the challenges and opportunities in this epidemic situation, in conjunction with various exhibition highlights and the latest information, to help exhibitors keep abreast of the latest developments in industry and exhibitions.
TAITRA Integrated Online Services related information and program schedule will be announced on the Taiwan International Trade Shows website: Excellent retrospectives of the exhibitions and 2020 trade show promotional videos will be available continuously. Check them out.

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