Monday, April 27, 2020

Lockdown Impact: Increasing popularity of STEP app Edu – tech platform, leading sectors towards innovation

STEPapp, the gamified learning app for school students soon to be relaunched in all subjects
Mumbai: In the situation where most of the sectors are at standstill in terms of new innovations and expansion, lockdown has inadvertently catalyzed growth for edu-tech industry. Following the growing demands and needs, tech-education player continues to introduce develop their business horizon. From promptly making of the app at discounted price, grading up the courses to adding the new elements, the supplementary edu- tech players are going beyond to beat the competition during crisis.

STEPapp one of the emerging players in the edu – tech has sensed this opportunity through the growing figure of users and downloads.  STEPapp which is a gamified learning app, has seen an increase of more than 3 lakh users from March 15th. In last four months, the app has a total of 2 million downloads on Play Store and App Store

During the lockdown period, STEPapp has turned out to be a popular solution for students to learn Math & Science concepts in a gamified format mapped as per the CBSE, ICSE and SSC boards.
Based a strong popularity of the gamified learning format in last few months. STEPapp has decided to relaunch the app by introducing new subjects. With an effective approach of Artificial Intelligence, the app will be adding Social Science and language subjects as per the education board guidelines.  The newly introduced subjects will be soon available for CBSC board students. The app is in process to prepare the course for other education boards as well.
The additional feature of the app, such as segregated topics of each chapters that allow students revise and grasp the concepts easily, simplified testing methodology to track the progress of students and dashboard that collects data on each subscribed students will also be added to the newly introduced subjects.
“As a part of the education sector for the last 22 years, our aim is to ensure that students receive the best quality of education. After seeing the amazing response on our app in the past few months, it is our responsibility to introduce all the subjects and made it available to students and teachers in the neediest time. Hence, even when the situation is not in our favour, our team continue to work, improvise and innovate the app with the use of the best technology.” Said Praveen Tyagi, Managing Director, Pace- IIT & Medical, CEO and Founder, EduIsFun Technologies (STEPapp)
About STEPappSTEPapp is a gamified, personalized, interactive and adaptive learning app which makes learning Math & Science fun and interesting for school students from grades 1st to 12th.
STEPapp is an innovative way to learn concepts while ensuring that all the stakeholders (parents, principals, teachers and policymakers) are aware of the learning outcomes at all times.
It is created by a team of 400+ IITians and Doctors after over 10 years of extensive research, STEPapp is a unique gamified learning software product that provides conceptual clarity.
STEPapp was implemented in the 14 Eklavya Residential Model School a year ago and it has helped the students to improve their performance in their school exams and 15 students from EMRS got selected for the NTSE exam’s first round for the first time. Based on the student and teacher feedback they have offered to implement STEPapp further in 11 EMRS. The central government of India has issued a letter recommending STEPapp to all Eklavya Model Residential Schools across India.
“Our students have always had a phobia with Math and Science subjects, but after using Eduisfun app (STEPapp), they really feel that these subjects are very easy. They can go through the content very easily, very clearly, very precisely. They are using this technology for studying, for performing better in competitive exams. This technology is really helping make teaching more effective.” - Principal, EMRS Chikhaldhara.
STEPapp has also signed an agreement with Tamil Nadu government to provide STEPapp for 10 lakh students in the government schools. STEPapp has also signed an MoU with Podar schools to implement STEPapp as homework and revision app, benefiting 1.5 lakh students.
Every child deserves access to quality learning and education. The motto is to ensure that STEPapp reaches every child in the country irrespective of their socio-economic status.

STEP (Student Talent Enhancement Program) is a revolutionary gamified learning application
developed by a team of 400+ IITians and doctors. We at STEPapp believe that every child should be
given a level playing field in accessing high-quality education at an affordable cost in a fun and
engaging way to encourage optimal learning outcomes in students.
The application has been developed after five years of tireless efforts with PACE classrooms and
10,000+ students who have played the games and helped in improving the product by giving their
valuable feedbacks. It gamifies the math and science curricula in India, mapped to national and state
boards, to help students learn and gain conceptual clarity in a fun format. The app is available in
English, Hindi and Marathi.
Shri Amitabh Bachchan has given further strength to STEPapp’s mission to make quality education
more accessible by becoming its ambassador and will be the face of the brand across all media
Our products are STEPapp Concepts and STEPapp Scholarships
STEPapp Concepts:
• Unique, gamified, personalised and adaptive learning content mapped to board syllabus.
• Content crafted by a team of 400+ IITians and doctors will impart conceptual clarity in math
and science and improve your performance in school and competitive exams.
• Content is broken down into small nuggets of information to allow students to grasp the
concepts easily.
• To ensure students are not burdened with a lot of information together, there is a simplified
testing methodology.
• Parents and teachers can track the progress of the children with our dashboards and identify
their strengths.

STEPapp Scholarships:
• 10,000 students from each grade currently in 5th-11th will win prizes ranging from ₹ 5,000 to ₹
1 cr from a total pool of ₹ 50 cr.
• The Enrollment fees is priced at an affordable rate of ₹ 500, to ensure that nobody misses on
the opportunity.
• Winners will be mentored and guided for their future academic endeavours.
• Gain conceptual clarity in math and science
• Rewards to motivate students to perform better.

So far:
1. STEPapp is already implemented in 16 Eklavya Model Residential Schools run by the Tribal
Development Department under the Maharashtra government.
2. After successful trials, all Municipal Corporation schools in Andheri, Mumbai have agreed to
run the STEPapp as part of the students’ learning process.
3. 10 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and 29 NDMC Schools across India have been allotted to us
for implementing STEPapp.
We also tested our app at some leading schools (GD Somani - Cuffe Parade, 7th Day Adventist –
Ahmedabad, Vagad Pace Global School - Thane).

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