Friday, April 24, 2020

Young Kids Utilized Lockdown time and published a book: They will donate all the money earned from the sale of the book in PM CARES FUND

24 April 2020
Who says Lockdown is restricting you? There is no restriction on your creativity,
writing, reading.

Two young and enthusiastic sisters have utilized their time available during the first
phase of lockdown period announced due to COVID-19 pandemic in India and
published an e-book on Planets and Sun.

Deeksha who is 9 year old has used personification while writing about Sun and
Planets. Her younger sister Praganya, who is 7 year old, have done all illustrations in
the book. The book will be a great learning experience for all kids. They will get to
know some facts about different planets including the Sun. The book is titled as
“Personification on Planets and Sun” and is available on

Deeksha is a 9 year old who is currently studying in Sunshine Worldwide School,
Goa, India. She is in Class 4 and has interest in reading, writing, painting and
dancing. Praganya is 6 year old has done illustrations of this book. She is currently
studying in Euro School, Whitefield, Bengaluru in class 2.

Both the kids have also decided to donate all money earned from the sale of the
book in PMCaresFund.

Prof. Cedric Serpes one of the reader in his feedback mentions that “I was really
thrilled to download and read your book. I read it instantly from cover to cover! I 
must say I really did not know so much about then planets. And the story was told
with so much fun. Great storytelling.  I think i can see you becoming a professor one
day Deeksha. I loved, simply loved the illustrations Praganya !! You have a great
style and a good sense of colour!! The book would be incomplete without your
inspired illustrations!!”

Another reader Mr. Gurpreet wrote “Thanks for creating this wonderful book.
Reading it is such a delight and refreshing experience that I keep reading it again
and again. It feels like planets are actually talking to me and when I look at those
beautifull illustrations, it seems our solar systems comes to life. Looks that not just
Earth, but every planet has a life form which we are yet to explore”.

The book was released on the occasion of Earth Day 2020 (22 April 2020). It is
available from


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