Friday, April 24, 2020

Macao Tourism conducts webinars and trainings for agents in India

Mumbai, 24th April 2020: Macao Government Tourism Office - India has adopted a focused approach during this period of pandemic and has increased its efforts to educate and inform the travel trade fraternity with latest developments in the destination through various online and text messaging trainings.
Travel industry today is facing a huge setback with the outbreak of COVID-19. In this time of uncertainty, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) India is conducting various training programs through online live platforms and text and voice messaging platforms like WhatsApp to educate travel trade partners about the new developments in the destination.  
The aim of these trainings is to keep the interest in the destination active in the Indian market as well as enhance knowledge of the travel trade fraternity via these training programs. These trainings are interesting and interactive and ensure the relevant information is shared with the partners.
Speaking on the same, Mr. Arzan Khambatta - Head, Macao Government Tourism Office- India commented, “The lockdown has given us a chance to educate and connect with our travel trade partners virtually. Through the trainings, we are imparting knowledge about the destination and its offerings to agents who we could not reach out earlier. Since it is an online training, we can cater to a wider base of agents across India ensuring they receive the updated information about Macao. Our trainings are informative and engaging providing opportunity to agents to interact with us live as well and ask any relevant questions.”
He added, “The impact of COVID-19 crisis has caused disturbances in the travel industry. But we are hoping for the situation to be better soon and expecting travel industry to return back to normalcy in few months. When the travel bans are lifted, we want to make sure that agents are equipped with accurate information about Macao and can promote it to the discerning Indian travelers.”
The trainings include sharing information through various materials like destination videos, presentations, brief text messages, voice notes and more.
Apart from the online trainings, MGTO is also expected to launch Macao Specialized Online Training Program in India. The specialist program is targeted to educate and inform the travel trade partners about Macao’s offerings. By undertaking the training and after passing the modules, agents can get certified as Macao Specialized Agent in India.

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