Friday, January 6, 2023

Making online shopping truly for Bharat, Shopsy grows 5X times in 2022 with 6X jump in transacting customers

- Sarees continue to be the most popular fashion choice in India 

- Shopsy was recently awarded Google Play Best of Users’ Choice Award 

Shopsy is redefining how Bharat shops online and is the most loved shopping app this year on the Google Play Store. The ease of shopping has resulted in phenomenal growth and adoption by customers in India in 2022. Since its launch in July 2021, Shopsy’s aim has been to make digital commerce accessible across India through a zero-commission marketplace. Today, the platform provides 150 million products spanning 800+ categories. It has enabled a wide array of affordable and value driven products for consumers across the country spanning many categories while making online shopping a seamless experience across multiple languages. 

In 2022 alone, Shopsy witnessed a 5X growth on the platform with a 6X growth in transacting customers. Shopsy has now become a one-stop shopping destination for consumers who are looking for value products and 40% of Flipkart’s new customers today come from Shopsy. 

In 2022, Shopsy extended its offerings across 1000+ product verticals with exclusive product listings reaching upto 5X. The app currently services a total of 14,300 pincodes in the majority of Tier 2 and Tier 3+ cities. Among the extensive selection offered on the platform, sarees emerged as the most popular category among consumers even in metros like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Men's T-shirts and other men’s fashion categories such as Men Jackets, Men Shoes, Fashion Jewellery registered a strong demand with more than 7.5X growth in 2022.  

Shopsy crossed over 100 million users in September 2022 - ahead of its prediction to achieve the same by early 2023. Today, over 68% of Shopsy’s customers come from Tier 2+ regions in the country, with 40% being first-time e-commerce shoppers. The platform’s hyper-value positioning, with over 60% products priced below INR 200, helps customers transition from an offline shopping experience to a virtual one, whilst offering an expansive product catalog to serve their nuanced needs. Over 66% of customers come from Northern and Eastern regions in the country such as Karimpur, Sundergarh, Gorakhpur and Cuttack. Recently, Shopsy won the Google Play Best of Users’ Choice Award for being the most downloaded and loved app by users across India. 

As per Shopsy’s research, while customers residing in non-metros were able to navigate the app in English, they were more comfortable transacting in their regional language. As a result, Shopsy introduced regional language integration to cater to the soaring demand of its consumers. The recently published Flipkart-Bain & Company report on How India Shops Online 2022, also points to the growing preference towards vernacular language among regional users.  

Voice search in local languages was a feature taken live earlier this year. Shopsy is now available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with other languages such as Marathi, Kannada and Bangla soon to be made available on the platform. To add to the shopping delight notifications from the brands are regionalized. 

Some other notable shopping platform developments include implementation of image search to help customers search for products by clicking a picture of it on their phone. Also, high visibility filters have been added to help the user filter out their desired product. This has truly expedited the process of selecting the right product. To create value for customers, attractive coupons have also been introduced within the platform.

Shopsy continues to give wings to the aspirations of local entrepreneurs who reside in the remotest corners of the country. The platform’s zero-commission model is a major benefit  for the seller community as they are able to start and expand their online business without any hassle. Shopsy witnessed a total of 11 lakh additional sellers (including Flipkart)  this year while the transacting seller base on Shopsy saw an uptick of 8X growth.There is also a 4X increase in the Shopsy specific selection,enabling sellers in our country to grow their businesses better and bring more offerings to the customers across India.

As a platform that is constantly disrupting the e-commerce space, its growth is a reflection of how the real Bharat`s shopping needs are evolving.

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