Friday, January 27, 2023

Birla Open Minds introduces a new subject ‘Soul Science’ emphasizing children’s holistic growth

With Soul Science, Birla Open Minds intends to facilitate a world full of energetic, self-motivated, and mindful children. 

Mumbai, 27 January 2023: Birla Open Minds Education Pvt. Ltd, a leading and trusted educational brand in India, has added a new school subject to the curriculum, Soul Science, for students of all age groups. In a first-of-a-kind in India, the introduction of the subject comes timely when there is a need for a shift from a piecemeal approach to a long-term comprehensive approach, leading to children’s holistic growth. Soul Science focuses on the study of consciousness and the human mind.

Depression, anxiety, and disruptive behavioral disorders are on the rise among children in India. With Soul Science, Birla Open Minds emphasizes the well-being of the body, mind, and heart at the initial stage of life. The mission is to facilitate a world full of energetic, self-motivated, and mindful children, who can direct their life with self-confidence and be true leaders in every aspect of life.

The study of Soul Science includes managing stress and conquering anxiety, developing leadership skills, time management, self-awareness, decision-making ability, building the right attitude to life and career, empathy (toward Family, Friends, and Society), and mindfulness, among others. The purpose is to help one explore and connect with their inner self by using the tools and understanding the process of right choices in life; thus enlightening one to a more cooperative, selfless, loving, and humble state of existence. 

*Mr. Nirvaan Birla, Founder and Managing Director of Birla Open Minds says,* “Our mission is to facilitate a world full of energetic, self-motivated and mindful children who are able to direct their life with self- confidence and be true leaders in every aspect of life. This sparked the idea to introduce a subject that was beyond just teaching morals and values. We needed to enrich every child's life by strengthening their social emotional development, which would reflect not only in their positive approach towards life and career, but also in their academic performance. That`s what HOLISTIC learning is all about.”

Birla Open Minds is devoted to assisting students in realizing their full potential and preparing them for the future by emphasizing innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. Touted to be one of the education leaders, it has more than 150 institutions across India and a history of nation-building and high-quality education.

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