Sunday, January 8, 2023

International Master Shantanu Bhambure Winner of 1st Sharad Pawar All India FIDE Rapid Rating Open Chess Tournament

MUMBAI: Shantanu Bhambure (26 year old elo rating 2186) who recently won the international master title, won the first Sharad Pawar All India FIDE Rapid Rating Open Chess Tournament organized by Garware Club House at Wankhede Stadium by scoring eight and a half points. In this nine-innings tournament Shantanu scored eight wins and drew one innings.

With four chess players earning eight points each the tournament's number two to five winners were determined by tie breakers. Out of these, Akash Dalvi (Ello Rating 2154), Shailesh Baria (Ello Rating 1780) and Candidate Master Vedant Pimpalkhare (Ello Rating 2182) secured the third position. 21year old young chess player Ankur Gokhale (Ello rating 1799) won the fifth rank in this tournament.

Similarly, Dev Shah who scored seven and a half points was ranked sixth.

Shreyans Somaiah, Suyog Wadke and Aarav Iyer bagged first, second and third positions respectively in the under-15 age group with six points each. Among the girls, Sara Modi and Shriya Joshi secured first and second positions with five points each. Harshita Maheshwari got the third position with four and a half points.

Among the members of Garware Club House, Niwan Shah and Devika Pinge bagged the boys and girls group prizes respectively. Vasave Govardhan and Lahuchand Thakur bagged the first two positions in the 60+ senior age group with six points each. In the disabled category, Yash Gogate came first while Swapnil Hule came second.

The winners of the tournament were presented with prizes by former MLA and Garware Club House Vice President Raj Purohit, Maharashtra Chess Association Secretary Niranjan Godbole and Garware Club House Treasurer Manish Ajmera.

Results of other age groups

Children under 13 years : 1 Daksha Jain, 2 Vhivan Sardana, 3 Aditya Bhosale.

Under 13 Girls : 1 Sachi Kulkarni, 2 Muskan Mistry, 3 Mayaka Rana.

Boys Under 11 : 1 Sriyans Agarkar, 2 Gian Shah, 3 Hriday Maniyar.

Under 11 Girls : 1 Khanak Paharia, 2 Hiya Patil, 3 Akrithi Singh.

Children under 9 years : 1 Arjun Singh, 2 Medhansh Pujari, 3 Sanjay Doble.

Under 9 Girls : 1 Krisha Jain, 2 Amaya Roy, 3 Pehal Paharia.

Under 7 Boys : 1 Riyansh Borate, 2 Nova Juyal, 3 Vivian Goyal.

Children Under 7 : 1 Nitya Bang, 2 Ovi Hivse, 3 Anishka Biyani.

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