Monday, January 23, 2023

KRAFTON, Inc. Set to Strengthen Publishing in 2023

KRAFTON will innovate and focus organizational capabilities to drive sustainable growth 

Strengthen publishing capabilities and production management 

Continue to pursue investment and development led by metaverse and deep learning 

New Delhi, January 23, 2023: KRAFTON Inc. (CEO CH Kim) shared with employees ‘The Direction KRAFTON is Heading in 2023’ at the KRAFTON LIVE TALK (KLT), a program to promote internal communication.    

During the KLT session, CEO CH Kim stated, “Our ultimate vision remains steadfast in that we seek to secure and expand powerful game-based IPs.” He added, “To achieve this, now is the time to concentrate our capabilities in 2023.” He went on to share the direction the company needs to focus on in 2023, emphasizing the need to 1) innovate and focus organizational capabilities, 2) strengthen publishing capabilities and systems, and 3) continue investment into the future.  

Innovate and focus organizational capabilities

Following KRAFTON’s IPO, the focus has been on expanding media and platforms centered on the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) IP and broadening new businesses such as deep-learning and AI. The aim for this year is to solidify the organizational foundation so that such businesses can continue to grow. In terms of business, the focus will be on enhancing core competitiveness centered around the PUBG IP and drive business growth while choosing and focusing on core businesses to continue investment and further reinforce efficiency in terms of organizational operations and management. 

Strengthen publishing capabilities and systems

CEO CH Kim also noted that, “It is necessary to strengthen publishing capabilities to continuously accumulate a pipeline and secure a system for more games to get a chance to bat (in the market).” The message indicated that KRAFTON will continue to roll out a game line-up and strengthen its publishing and production management system to drive growth in the global market. 

In order to do so, KRAFTON plans to realign the internal structure for publishing and improve measures to manage independent studios. Moreover, rather than focusing on in-house development and independent studio development, the company will head towards second-party publishing, thereby creating more opportunities for publishing and equity investment in external developers. 

Continue investment in the future 

KRAFTON will continue its investment in new key businesses such as metaverse and deep learning. Under the assumption that growth cannot be guaranteed without investment in the future, the company will continue developing and investing mainly in new key businesses. CEO CH Kim once again emphasized that it is worth advancing into these businesses as they are closely related to game production technology, which is one of KRAFTON’s core competencies.  

KRAFTON’s CEO CH Kim said “The global economy is in recession this year but this also gives us an opportunity to build an efficient organization” and added, “we’ll make every effort to further bolster KRAFTON’s organizational capabilities and reinforce the publishing business in order to achieve financial outcomes.”  

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About KRAFTON, Inc.

KRAFTON, Inc. is a South Korean collective of independent game development studios brought together to create innovative and engaging entertainment experiences for gamers across the world. The company consists of PUBG Studios, Bluehole Studio, Striking Distance Studios, RisingWings, Dreamotion, Unknown Worlds and 5minlab, each with its own unique expertise. 

KRAFTON is responsible for premier entertainment properties including BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, NEW STATE MOBILE, The Callisto Protocol, Moonbreaker, TERA, and ELYON. As a technology-driven company that boasts world-class capabilities, KRAFTON seeks to expand its areas of business beyond games to multimedia entertainment and deep learning. For more information about KRAFTON, please visit

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