Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Top 3 Ways To Celebrate Humanity’s Greatest Invention This World Chocolate Day

When you think about why someone would take the bitter cocoa bean, roast it, mill it and add just the right amount of sugar to it, to invent the best creation of humanity – chocolate, it seems unbelievable that it ever happened. Such a great invention calls for a celebration and there is no better day than World Chocolate Day for this! It is that time of the year where we bring out the inner chocoholic in us and pamper ourselves with this rich, decadent and delicious treat.  

In case you are looking for ideas to make this World Chocolate Day more chocolatey and interesting, Mars Wrigley has you covered! The incomparable delight that comes in plethora of varieties, types and flavours, can also be enjoyed in various other fun ways other than eating it. Don’t know how? Read ahead!

1. In the mood for some chocolaty indulgence? Think no more!

Sure, chocolate is our go-to when it comes to comfort food, but it has also been proven to affect our moods in a positive way. Some chocolates help calm our nerves, some give us a mental boost by increasing endorphins – the feel-good hormone, while others simply trigger childhood nostalgia. Stressed? Upset? Or just hungry and craving for something good? With chocolates for every mood, and a mood for every chocolate, this World Chocolate Day, ‘Match Your Mood’ with Mars Wrigley chocolates - SNICKERS® to curb your hunger pangs, GALAXY® to indulge in pleasure, M&Ms® to unlock your mischievous side, BOUNTY® to be teleported to a tropical beach, TWIX® to make your coffee taste better, and MARS® to satisfy the caramel craving! All said and done, you don’t really need an occasion or mood to indulge in chocolates, but the question remains, why not? 

2. Whip up some mouthwatering chocolatey desserts 

Not that one needs an excuse to whip up some delicious chocolatey desserts, but World Chocolate Day is definitely the day to put on your chef’s hat! From a good old chocolate cake to a rich and decadent chocolate mousse, there is so much you can make to celebrate chocolate. And if you are looking for inspiration and need a recipe, check out these M&M Power Bites!

3. Organise a party with the theme- Everything Chocolate

Gather your fellow chocolate lovers and host a party in celebration of the most loved ingredient: chocolate. From sending customized chocolate invites to curating a chocolate menu, make the most of this occasion and throw a party with this unusual theme. Chocolate is available in multiple forms, varieties, and taste and to celebrate that, get creative and make a chocolate board with a variety of chocolates. To make it even more fun, add a chocolate fondue (melted chocolate) to the board. Melt the rich and creamy GALAXY® chocolate and assemble it around other chocolates, brownies, marshmallows, strawberries, brownies, churros, cookies, oranges, or anything else you like to pair with chocolate.

PS. While you will of course be tempted to enjoy the desserts all by yourself, make sure you share it with all the chocolate lovers around you!

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