Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Singapore Airlines (SIA) is pleased to announce a special fare promotion for travel from Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi to destinations across Asia. 

Customers planning travel from any of these four Indian gateways to destinations in Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries in the SIA network can avail of promotional fares when they book tickets between now and 5 August 2022.

From Ahmedabad and Kochi, the fares are available for travel between 2 August 2022 and 31 March 2023, while from Chennai and Hyderabad, they are available for travel between 2 September 2022 and 31 March 2023. More details about this fare promotion can be found here.

To cater to growing demand from India, the Airline is also preparing to significantly increase operations from Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi in the coming months. 

While five times weekly operation will continue from Ahmedabad, SIA will increase its services from Kochi from daily to twice daily, starting 2 August 2022. From 1 September 2022, the Airline will increase its Chennai operations from the current 10 times a week to 17 times weekly, and Hyderabad operations will increase from daily to 11 times a week. The complete flight schedule for these cities can be found in Annexe A.

Mr. Sy Yen Chen, General Manager India for Singapore Airlines said, “We are steadily restoring our India operations back to pre-Covid levels to cater to the strong travel demand.  These special fares and increased capacity from Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi will give our customers many attractive options to pick from when they plan their overseas holidays in the coming months.  We hope to inspire even more confidence for international travel to and from India with our initiatives.”

From 1 August 2022, Singapore Airlines will operate 80 flights weekly from eight cities in India and will continue to progressively increase its frequency to pre-Covid levels in the coming months. 

SIA has implemented myriad digital solutions for the well-being of our customers, and to support a comfortable and seamless experience. Please click here for more details on our health and safety measures. Please click here for more details on the award-winning products and services that customers can enjoy on board our flights.


About Singapore Airlines 

The SIA Group’s history dates back to 1947 with the maiden flight of Malayan Airways Limited. The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways Limited and then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972, MSA split into Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Malaysian Airline System. Initially operating a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to 22 cities in 18 countries, SIA has since grown to be a world-class international airline group.

Singapore Airlines is committed to the constant enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise: Service Excellence, Product Leadership and Network Connectivity. For more information visit:

Annexe A


Please note that the flights listed below are subject to regulatory and operational changes. 

All times stated are local to the respective destinations.

New flight service

Flight Number Destination Days of operation Departure Arrival Aircraft

Currently – 29 October 2022


SQ504 Singapore – Ahmedabad Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 18:35 21:35 Airbus A350-900MH

SQ505 Ahmedabad – Singapore Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 22:50 07:10+1 Airbus A350-900MH


SQ524 Singapore – Chennai Friday, Saturday, Sunday 07:40 09:20 Boeing 737-8

SQ525 Chennai – Singapore Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:30 17:20 Boeing 737-8


(From 1 Sep) Singapore – Chennai Thursday 07:40 09:20 Boeing 737-8


(From 1 Sep) Chennai – Singapore Thursday 10:30 17:20 Boeing 737-8


(From 1 Sep) Singapore – Chennai Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 22:50 00:20+1 Boeing 787-10


(From 2 Sep) Chennai – Singapore Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 01:30 08:20 Boeing 787-10

SQ528 Singapore – Chennai Daily 20:15 21:50 Boeing 787-10

SQ529 Chennai – Singapore Daily 23:15 06:10+1 Boeing 787-10



(From 1 Sep) Singapore – Hyderabad Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 21:50 23:55 Boeing 737-8


(From 2 Sep) Hyderabad – Singapore Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 00:50 08:05 Boeing 737-8

SQ522 Singapore – Hyderabad Daily 20:00 22:05 Boeing 737-8

SQ523 Hyderabad – Singapore Daily 23:00 06:10+1 Boeing 737-8


SQ534 Singapore – Kochi Daily 20:00 22:00 Boeing 737-8

SQ535 Kochi – Singapore Daily 23:00 05:55+1 Boeing 737-8


(From 1 Aug) Singapore – Kochi Daily 21:30 23:25 Boeing 737-8


(From 2 Aug) Kochi – Singapore Daily 01:40 08:40 Boeing 737-8

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