Thursday, October 1, 2020

71 year old Corona positive patient with kidney transplant recovers in Apex Hospital Mumbai

Mumbai - A 71 year old COVID -19 infected patient named Arvind Baval who had undergone Kidney transplant 5 years back recovered and discharged from Apex hospital Mulund yesterday. He was admitted to Apex Hospital immediately on 16th September after his test report confirmed Covid -19. Apart from kidney transplant he was also suffering hypertension, diabetes, old stroke and he was on 3 immunosuppressant drugs. He was presented to us with fever, breathlessness and Covid positive condition Giving more information on this case Dr. Hardik Thakker Consultant MD Physician, infectious disease and COVID expert from Apex Hospital, Mulund commented, “A diabetic, hypertension with transplanted kidney will be more in danger to a coronavirus attack then the rest, because this virus could do much more damage in such cases considering his age and lower immunity. He was in the ICU for 3 days and in an isolation room for 7 days. Since he was on immunosuppressive therapy, his immunity was low. He was also having comorbidities which made it a very difficult case. Despite this with sheer determination and aggressive treatments we were able to save him with remdesivir therapy for 5 days. After completing the course he was off oxygen for 5 days and then discharged to home.”

Doctors at a New York City hospital have reported that kidney transplant recipients are at significantly higher risk for developing serious,life-threatening COVID-19 illness due to taking chronic immunosuppression drugs and having co-existing medical conditions. While their sample size was small (36 transplant recipients), their results showed that kidney transplant recipients had a COVID-19 mortality rate of close to 30% as compared to 1% to 5% mortality in the general population and 8% to 15% mortality in patients with COVID-19 who are 70 years of age or older. (Source –National kidney foundation)

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