Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Thik Hai Sab (TDDP) x The MoveVent Project

 The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) is Asia's largest after school of hip-hop. Where music is a healer and hip-hop is a movement, there's bound to be much needed innovation and revolution.

Track name : AHAM (Celebrating Self)! #ThikHaiSab

Link — will be shared shortly

Quote from Dolly K Rateshwar (Co-Founder, The Dharavi Dream Project) —

Mental health is no exaggeration but a serious health concern. This is especially evident during the

COVID-19 pandemic as Mother Nature continues to show us all the reality of living with oneself — more than anybody else — while teaching us the value of our energy and time. It’s important that we learn to become our own strength in order to face the adversities of life. It's imperative that we never lose hope because the Sun will always rise!

On WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, October 10th, The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) is proud to be associating with The MoveVent Project. 8 emerging talents from the after school of hip-hop have banded together to compose a positive song for The MoveVent Project’s Mental Health festival which takes place on October 9th, 10th and 11th this year. Performing under the banner of AHAM Hip-Hop Crew, the collective, comprising 7 Male rappers (Ujjwal Sagar, Evil boy, Gunshot, Aryan, Royal Ripper, Ansh, Sahaj Music) and 1 female rapper (Parul), has created an eponymous anthem titled "AHAM (Celebrating Self!)" with the main hookline #ThikHaiSab (All is well) for the timely festival.

The anthem outlines the social stigma students’ face around mental health and how they undergo

various evolutions with each passing day, as they continue to celebrate and believe in themselves.

AHAM Anthem’s lyrics aim to empower and celebrate the self while spreading awareness about mental

health education and alleviating social stigma. Mentored by veteran hip-hop artists such as MC Heam,

music supervisor Abhijiay Sharma and producer Bassfond, AHAM is an initiative led by the students and

teachers of TDDP. The "AHAM (Celebrating Self!)" anthem was written and composed by the students

who shot the music video in their homes across the different cities they now inhabit.

Always remember: You are the one thing in this world, above all the other things, that you must never

give up on.

Audio link for the time being: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xZ-6-k-


The vision of The MoveVent Project

Quote from Shubham (Co-Founder, The MoveVent Project) —

It is being said everywhere now that mental health is the ‘need of the hour’ but in my belief, mental

health has always been the need of the hour. Now is just the time when people are actually noticing and

addressing it. Mental health, for me, has been a basic necessity. Just like how I eat food and sleep, I take

care of my mental health as well — each and every day. With this intention, The MoveVent Project was

brought into this world :)

About The MoveVent Project

The MoveVent Project is an initiative for creating therapeutic spaces for various communities, devoid of

any bias or preconceived notions. The idea has been about co-creating spaces to make each and every

individual feel safe and heard, letting them move closer to their most honest and open self. As a

Facilitator of Dance Movement Therapy, Shubham brings in her creative flow by clubbing music,

movement, art, games, sharing, writing, theatre, dance, silence and conversations while including each

and every individual in their most preferred and suited medium of expression, helping them unwind the

mental load and loosen oneself.

The MoveVent Project intends to begin a chain-reaction of well-being and harmony by asserting mental

health as a 'critical need,' irrespective of the occurrence of a breakdown.

The MoveVent Project celebrates the various options available to fulfill this need.

अहम्: Celebrating Self

a digital Mental Health Festival

अहम् (Aham) is the manifestation of a lot of love, hope, and passion clubbed with strong conviction

that celebrates the journey within. We bring the intention of asserting mental health as a critical

need, irrespective of the circumstances, by using an amalgamation of handpicked alternative

therapeutic approaches to begin a chain reaction of well-being and harmony.

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