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Whether it’s a sprawling apartment or a plush studio flat, space utilization within homes always persists to be a challenge. And now that work-from-home occupying at least one-fourth of our home life, achieving multi-fold benefits from an existing space has become the need of the hour. This is why transformable furniture is fast becoming the de facto interior scheme for residential and commercial spaces. They can serve a variety of purposes or simply move out of the way when not in use resulting in fluid living and working. With furniture like these, the appearance and vibe of a room can change almost immediately.

Keeping to its promise of adding “More Life per Square Meter” to homes and interior spaces, Häfele brings to you an assortment of transformable furniture fittings under its new range that virtually multiply the space available. Space Square as we call it, is a futuristic range that includes state-of-the-art bed fittings, kitchen countertop fittings and table fittings. These fittings integrate effortlessly within your interiors and astutely utilize the space available. Experience the sophisticated blend of elegant aesthetics and optimum space utilisation with Häfele’s Space Square Range of Transformable Furniture Fittings:


1.      ORBITING BEDS: Get more space with one unit that orbits to reveal a bed and a wall unit.

Multi-functionality is a trait we seek out for in most of our purchases, we desire one object to fulfil more than one purpose and this Orbiting Bed Fitting by Häfele delivers exactly that. An open / shuttered cabinet to store your precious artefacts with numerous open shelves to display your extensive book collection as well as the possibility of having a television perched close–by for your entertainment, this fitting discreetly revolves into a comfortable bed by night. It’s the best of both the worlds.

2.      REVOLVING TV UNITS: Alternate between watching TV or admiring your precious décor

The ever frustrating trade-off between having a stellar shelf unit in the living room with your precious artefacts standing tall versus installing the much-needed LED TV screen to watch your favourite shows and movies, has often left us in a fix. More often than not in such cases it’s the TV that wins the bargain while you wait for that ideal time when you will have a bigger house that can accommodate both. With Hafele’s new revolving TV unit system, you can now use the same available space to have both - a TV unit as well as a shelf unit. This marvellous solution runs on invisible revolving slides that orbit a full circle to alternately reveal your TV as well as your shelf unit.

3. HIDE-AWAY BEDS: Create more floor space for some creative activities during the day with your bed hidden away

Creating more space from what's available has always been a challenge. Whether it has been due to shortage in storage space or lack of free area for you to creatively unwind after a tiring day at work – things are constantly moved around in a bid to create some space. We at Häfele, believe in offering solutions that would help you utilize every available space in your home and while we are at it, do so in the most minimal way possible. Our new Hide-away Bed Fitting inconspicuously folds into a cabinet when not in use. The push-to-open feature ensures ease of access as well as provides the bed fitting with a contemporary handle-less look.

4.      COUNTER EXTENSIONS: Add more surface to your countertops with smart extensions in any desired direction

Optimizing the space inside the kitchen creates new design possibilities, introduces balance and ensures efficient ergonomics. Hafele introduces its new ‘out-of-the-box’ Extended Countertop that provides additional surface space to your existing countertop. All you have to do is fix the direction in which you want the extension – be it a perpendicular extension or a linear extension or even an angular extension – this new space optimizing marvel then lends itself as an ideal solution for all the extra space you need.


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