Saturday, October 17, 2020


The showcase focuses on the Taiwan Hardware Industry, shared by SIX winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award: Kuani, a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic tools; Mitcorp, the expert of industrial videoscope manufacturer with design and development capability; Wtools, professional for high quality and durable customized ratchet handles; Shuter, a top brand to manufacture products and provide storage solutions; Ferro Carbon, a leading manufacturer which provides excellent quality of tools for building, and DIY tools and Tien-i, a trusted partner specializes in socket manufacture.

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Kuani Gear Co., Ltd. In 1989, KUANI successfully produced the first-professional Twin Hammer Pneumatic Impact Wrench and attracted the interest of a well-known American manufacturer of pneumatic tools and became a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic tools. Through these 35 years,  KUANI  adhered to the concept of “one step at a time” steadily developing pneumatic tools and different industry development such as lost wax casting, aluminum die-casting, paint, plastic injection, and heat treatment, etc. Based on this success development KUANI created annual sales turnover exceeding NT$1.2 billion and services span in North America, Europe Asia, Central America, Middle East, and Africa.

Medical Intubation Technology Corporation

Certified by the well-known vehicle brands Audi, Skoda, VOLVO, and Volkswagen, Mitcorp embodies a new approach to non-destructive inspection. We believe that innovative videoscopes should be accessible to all who need them, challenging the view that reliable and accurate inspection products should be so highly-priced that they become impractical for hard-working business owners. We believe that the best that technology has to offer should be used to benefit our customers’ practical, everyday business needs.

Working closely together with our clients since 2003, Mitcorp is driven by a passion for innovation and has accumulated over 200 patents. With a strong focus on our end users, a highly agile approach to business, and a reputation for the highest levels of quality and dependability amongst our key distributors, we aspire to leadership within the next generation of non-destructive inspection providers worldwide.

William Tools Co., Ltd. With more than 30 years of experience in hand tool manufacturing, William Tools Co., Ltd is the only professional hand tool manufacturer located in Central Taiwan Science Park, which has a TAF certificate torque laboratory and specialized in OEM/ODM tools manufacturing.

William Tools is mainly known for its high quality and durable customized ratchet handles, and related products as well. Its main product line not only includes customized ratchet handles like mentioned but also torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, and accessories, etc.

Shuter Enterprise Co., Ltd. SHUTER designs industrial and office storage products from the customers' point-of-view: ­by finding the simplest way to build an ideal home for objects. SHUTER redefines the appearance and functionality of traditional storage systems, striking a balance between attractive exteriors and usable interiors.

With over 250 employees, SHUTER works around the clock to design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality plastic and steel storage products to our extensive global network of distributors, trading and retail partners, and e-commerce customers.

Ferro-Carbon Ent.Co.,Ltd. Ferro-Carbon, founded in 1989, have researched and developed its core technology of hardware tools for more than 30 years. In the beginning, Ferro-Carbon focused on the market of industrial hardware tools.

Nowadays, Ferro-Carbon is one of the top suppliers in the hardware tool market. In 2009, Ferro-Carbon started up its new brand “FECA”. FECA provides functional and fashionable household products with Ferro-Carbon’s expert technology of suction cup.

Tien-I Industrial Co., Ltd. As a professional manufacturer specializing in producing Socket Tool, Impact socket, Air Chisel, Tube tools, and Automotive Repairing Tools, Tien-i serves its clients with over 10,000 items to meet any request from their markets. Besides regular hand tools, Tien-i focused on developing unique auto-repair tools for international brand vehicle companies in Europe and America.

With ODM service, Tien-i also accompanies its clients to develop new products from conception to mass production. Complied with major international quality systems including DIN, ISO, and ANSI international standards, Tien-i has also earned ISO9001 certification and passed the CSCC Factory Inspection each year.



Taiwan, as the technology island of the world with the strength of ICT, is one of the first countries in Asia to align itself with the global trend and invest in the development of high value metal production such as hardware building material and fastener.With innovative thinking, precise division of labor and a complete supply chain – the country’s hardware industry has been gaining strong momentum. In 2019, its hand tool industry export value surpassed 3.79 billion US dollars, earning Taiwan a top three worldwide ranking with top four for fastener export value.

ABOUT TAIWAN EXCELLENCE- The symbol of Taiwan Excellence honors Taiwan's most innovative products that provide tremendous value to users worldwide. All products carrying this symbol have been selected for specific Taiwan Excellence Awards based on their excellence in design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D and manufacturing. Initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) R.O.C. in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognized by 106 countries.



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