Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TiE Mumbai continues to nurture the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Mumbai, 20 October 2020: The coronavirus has proven to be the ultimate disruptor, stronger than any technology in the global economy. While we are adopting various ways and means to make businesses resilient, the pandemic presents a true test of our ability to find ways to survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

“Through real life examples, case studies, experience sharing, masterclasses and development programs, TiE Mumbai is continuously striving to mentor Startups and drive business recovery from the impacts of COVID.” said Naveen Raju, Executive Director, TiE Mumbai.

Some of the online sessions organized in the past month by TiE Mumbai were – Chat with the Masters of Aggregation Food & Hospitality Industry- This session focused on tips on Scaling Up and Turnaround Strategies from Industry experts who were instrumental in creating noteworthy brands like Lemon tree Hotels and Uber in India. They spoke on how to build sustainable long-lasting brands, focuse on Green shoots in co living space & hospitality & tourism industry, ways to scale up and what the future of the cloud kitchen industry may look like.

FireSide Chat between Karan Bhagat and Dhanpal Jhaveri 

Venture Investing Masterclass with Sanjay Mehta- Running a business is very different from investing in one. So how do you make money from investing in early-stage startups? What sets successful startup investors apart? Should you pick your own investments, or rely on an angel network? This course helped the participants to learn to source quality deal flow, ask the right questions before making an investment, support portfolio companies through the lifecycle, and enable highly profitable liquidity events. In addition to the critical pre-investment topics of deal flow, due diligence and negotiation, this course covered post-investment topics including governance, fundraising and exit, as well as hands-on practice in evaluating opportunities. This was a professional development program aimed at helping one take the next step in their venture capital career.

Entrepreneurship through the eyes of Tanmay Bhat- Tanmay Bhat is an ace comedian and entrepreneur. This exclusive session detailed the Life and experiences of a creator, positioning & pitching oneself, starting Up again - Zero to 2 million on Youtube, how should brands create content and collaborate with creators?, Power of Community, performing artist in the tech enabled startup world and money & finance.

Rizwan Koita in conversation with Ganesh Natarajan- Rizwan Koita is the Co-founder & CEO, CitiusTech and he spoke on How to build, manage and succeed in multiple businesses, how to truly dominate in a business domain and gave valuable Insights for entrepreneurs on knowing the right time to sell your stakes.

Discover your untapped potential; Reinforce your leadership style with Resolving Problems through Sensitivity in Startups with Ragini Rao – Ragini is a Psychotherapist & Trainer- Training & supervising Transactional Analyst. This program took the participants through a journey of introspection to evaluate where one stand vis-a-vis key personality traits seen in successful entrepreneurs; and what one would like to develop as their own unique style, to be successful. The program used the framework of Dr. Eric Berne's world-renowned theory of Transactional Analysis, taking the participants through some core concepts which helps understand one’s own personality.

One on One Mentoring Session on Financial Growth Hacking – this session covered topics like Revenue Optimization, Business Model Review, Financial Management & Cash Flows, Scaling-Up & Growth, Partnership & Alliances, Organization Building - People & Process and Funding & Capital Management.

Emerging Opportunities for SMB's from IT & ITES- With the emergence of digital technologies, the IT&ITES industry has seen disruption in recent times. The industry is at the cusp of transition, with many companies creating enabling environments to harness productivity. Business leaders are looking at technological solutions and cranking up their innovation game to move ahead in a post-COVID 19 economy. This session explored how the IT & ITES industry can make use of innovative technologies to ensure continued business growth.

About TiE Mumbai

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. Since 1992. TiE has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally through the 5 pillars of TiE : mentoring, networking and education, funding and incubation. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. TiE’s focus area is to generate enable the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are currently 11,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.

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