Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Howzatt!? How to throw the perfect IPL watch party

With the IPL season getting heated up, are you still disappointed that you are unable to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with watching the matches in the stadium? Well, don’t let this disappointment get to you. If the pandemic has clean-bowled all your IPL watching plans so far, why not bring the live action to your homes, surrounded by friends, family, and all your loved ones. Here are the perfect ‘must-haves’ to host the perfect IPL watch party of your dreams.


Safety First


Even though we are super stoked to have our friends over for a fantastic evening, make sure to stock up on safety and precautionary equipment. Keep a few extra masks, hand washes and sanitiser sprays to keep the virus at bay, creating a clean and germ-free home to watch your favourites’ play on screen. You wouldn’t want to forget disposable gloves and sanitising of all the prepackaged party snacks as well. 


Challenge your group’s cricket expertise with Fantasy Cricket


Before the match excitement kicks in, here’s a new pre-match ritual you and your friends can start. Selecting the perfect fantasy cricket team! Winning cash prizes along with enjoying the live cricket action is exciting indeed, isn't it? So why wait, block your calendar with your loved ones and get in the groove for some fun time at home with MPL! Android users can download the app from and iOS users can get it from the App Store. You can even create your own private leagues or contests on MPL and compete with your friends!


Set the mood right with proper audio systems

Bring on the IPL josh with good Bluetooth speakers like the i-Sense FM-Bluetooth Music Player (3M) from Goldmedal Electricals which can be paired via Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device including iPhones and other cell phones. Cheer to your heart’s content as you watch the entire match experience, uninterrupted. The sound quality is just about the perfect tool to keep your IPL fan spirits high. 

Don’t forget to load up on delicious and healthy snacks and beverages


During the lockdown, most of us have either discovered our inner masterchefs, or become pros at finding the best places to order from. When hosting an IPL watch party, make sure you keep plenty of snacks handy for all your mid-match munching along with beverages too. In addition to physical distancing norms, it is also recommended that we eat clean to stay healthy. So preparing a wholesome snack or having a potluck with friends could be a great way to stay away from junk food.


Keep this checklist handy and have one unforgettable IPL watch party!

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