Tuesday, April 7, 2020

World Health Day: Popcorn Furniture join hands with Good Karma for Kid’s mental wellbeing

A virtual one-month campaign to access high-quality mindfulness training

On World Health Day, Popcorn School Furniture, India’s largest educational furniture manufacturing company, announced a one-month campaign focused on the mental wellbeing of the children. The campaign, launched in association with Good Karma, aims to mitigate the stress in children during the COVID-19 outbreak through workshops and activities.
The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a high level of anxiety and fear in the minds of adults as well as children, who need extra care and proper guidance in this time. Popcorn Furniture will hold virtual workshops with kids as well as parents under the instruction of experts. Parents will be asked to plan some  activities for their children, such as reading, painting, cooking, games and an interactive session with grandparents to spend their time productively. One-to-one interaction with Dr Ranjan Ghosh (American Board certified with more than 20 years of experience) of Good Karma clinic will be held with kids and parents. Through this campaign, the brand will host engaging and innovative activities through its online platform for kids to boost their mental ability.
Commenting on the association, Ms Deepika Goyal, Founder and Director, Popcorn Furniture, said, “The emotional wellbeing of children is equally important as their physical health. Good mental health allows them to develop the resilience to cope with this lockdown situation. It is very essential to let the children use this time in a meaningful constructive manner instead of idling their time at home. We need to train kids and parents to cope with this situation under the supervision of experts. Hence the tie-up with Good Karma that deals with all aspects of mental wellbeing and counselling by Dr Ranjan Ghosh will be fruitful for our target group.”
Dr Ranjan Ghosh, psychiatrist, Good Karma, said, “An event that is outside our control can certainly damage our mental health, and it is made worse if we feel powerless to do anything about it. One way we can regain control and nourish our mental health is to remember the ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’ which have been found in research to improve mental wellbeing in children and adults. They are - Give to others in your home, connect via phone or online, be aware,  be active and keep learning. That is why I have decided to link up with Popcorn Furniture to collaborate for the initiative #teachkarona to spread this important message during these anxious and uncertain times.” 
 About the company-
Popcorn is India’s largest educational furniture company, a one-stop shop for equipment for educators. It provides solutions for all the furniture requirements of an educational institution since the last 20 years. Popcorn is the winner of two prestigious awards from World Didac for excellence in school furniture and Silicon India magazine “Brand of the year” award for 2018.  Our furniture has been supplied to over 8000 schools in India, UAE, Oman, Nepal, Singapore, Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Africa. It currently has showrooms in India, Dubai and Cape Town and a state-of-the-art experience centre in Delhi NCR.
With an expanding range, Popcorn has become a one-stop-shop for schools and started specializing in designing and manufacturing of school furniture.
For more details, visit- https://www.popcornfurniture.com/
About Good Karma-
Good Karma is a state of the art centre that deals with all aspects of neurosciences, brain wellness, counselling and medication management by American Board Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Ranjan Ghosh for adults, children and adolescents. It was created far earlier as an idea in the States but came to inception on July 22nd, 2019. The clinic is running with the vision of creating the consciousness on how mental wellbeing is important to the body for healthy living. Good Karma's responsibility is to empower society with easy accessibility to mental healthcare and eradicate the stigma associated with it.
For more details, visit- drranjanghoshmd.com

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