Thursday, April 28, 2022

Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. KPCL announces results for FY 2022 with sales at Rs 1,021 crores a 24% growth over previous year. PBT at Rs 114 cr up by 36% over last year.


Board recommends final Dividend of 120%

Pune, India – April 28, 2022: Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd (KPCL) (BSE : 505283), a major player in  Air, Refrigeration & Gas Compression business in India, announced today its financial results for the  financial year ended 31st March 2022. 

The company achieved several milestones during the financial year: Crossed Rs 1,000 crores in sales;  Crossed Rs 100 crores in PBT; Manufactured over 3,100 compressors during the year; and Crossed Rs  100 crores in Export order booking. The second half of the fiscal saw the emergence of new challenges  in cost of various inputs, disruption in supplies and major uncertainty in supplies from Europe and China.  Yet in all this, the company was well positioned to handle the situation based on strong order inflow and  an integrated supply chain. 

While orders with longer execution cycle are discouraged, the order board as on 31st March 22 was over  Rs. 1,250 crores compared to Rs. 925 crores at the beginning of the previous year. The strong and active enquiry pipeline would further allow the Company to get orders at viable prices and with shorter  execution cycles. 

The R&D initiatives had a strong thrust. This will enable the Company to bring to the market two new  products in Q1: The Khione refrigeration screws for the Pharma, food and Dairy industry and the Hydro Booster compressor for the CNG stations that are off the gas pipeline grid. 

Compression business continues to be over 95% of the Company’s revenue and remains as only  reporting segment. All other activities have been grouped under other non-reportable segments.  

Review of FY 2021-22 Financial Performance: 

Operating revenue is at INR 1,021 Cr vs INR 823 Cr for FY 21 registering 24% increase Y-o-Y ∙ EBIT margin improved to 11.2% compared to 10.3 in PY 

PBT improved to 11 % at INR 114.1 Cr in FY 22 compared to 10.1% at INR 83.8 cr FY 21 

Profit After Tax improved to 8.2% and stood at INR 84.9 cr in FY 22 compared to INR 63.8 cr  (7.7% ) in FY 21 

Basic EPS improved to Rs. 13.19 compared to Rs. 9.94 of the previous year. 

Order book stood at INR 1,250 Cr as on 1st April 22 compared to INR 925 Cr on 1st April 21  representing a growth of about 20% Y-o-Y  

Board has recommended a dividend of 120% taking the total Dividend for the year to 200% 

Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. 

About Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. 

Founded in 1958, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. ( KPCL ) has a wide range of offerings that include  Air, Refrigeration and Gas compressors and systems, vapour absorption chillers and industrial gear  boxes. It serves a range of sectors like steel, cement, cold chains, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals,  railways, defence, marine with major exposure to Oil & Gas industry. KPCL is a significant player in CNG  business in India. It has established technology partnerships with leading global companies and research  institutes. KPCL has received numerous awards for quality, innovation, merit, training programmes, HR  and in-house communication excellence, among others. 

For further Information Please Contact: 

Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. Group Investor Relations

Suhas S. Kolhatkar 

Vice President & CFO 

Ph : + 91 9822000003 

Email : Ms. Mayura Bhusari 

Tel: (020) 29704374



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