Monday, July 12, 2021

Hugo Boss Pens at William Penn

Time to have a New BOSS!

Style, Performance and Status is synonymous with Hugo Boss pens. Bold outlines and understated colours combined with the famous brand name, make a Hugo Boss pen really stand out and make a statement. William Penn is the best place to browse your favourite Hugo Boss pen.

The Hugo Boss Grade Ballpoint Pen combines modernity and elegance with its distinctive architectural cap. The cap is structured with a sequence of diamond-pattern plated tiles that features different shades of grey. With a pared back, matte black brass body and a glossy finish this pen is created with a perfectly balanced design.

Price – Rs.17,000/-

Playing with optical illusion, the Hugo Boss Oval Rollerball Pen is subtle and innovative. Made of brass with a textured finish each piece of this pen is delicately crafted with a refined and segmented graphic dark chrome engraving. It is adorned by understated matte black accents which are a nod to industrial aesthetics.

Price – Rs.14,500/-

The Hugo Boss Contour Rollerball Pen is a light writing instrument that is all about contrast which is enhanced by its balanced frame. The classic look of the pen comes from its sleek shape, contemporary choice of material and slightly rounded silhouette. The pinstripe engraving on the brass body of the pen adds a sartorial interest and echoes as a decorative feature on the cap.

Price – Rs.11,200/-

Finely crafted with a refined herringbone pattern the Hugo Boss gear Formation Herringbone Ballpoint Pen is timeless and elegant. With a brass body and textured finish, this new interpretation of the iconic formation outline is adorned with crisp dark chrome accents.

Price – Rs.7,500/-

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