Friday, July 30, 2021

NephroPlus announced first of its kind ‘Dialysis on Call’ service in Hyderabad

India, 30th July 2021: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis care network in India and a trailblazer in redefining dialysis care in the country, has launched an innovative and much-needed home-based ‘Dialysis on Call’ service in Hyderabad today. With this initiative, NephroPlus expands its portfolio of service offerings by taking the dialysis setup to a patient's place and conducting the procedure at their comfort zone.


In the current scenario of COVID-19, there has been a great increase in home hemodialysis.  Simultaneously, people across the country are also opting for more approachable and accessible options to seek treatment without having to travel to a nearby hospital. Keeping this in mind, NephroPlus decided to launch this novel and first-of-kind approach towards making dialysis more accessible for people on dialysis. In Dialysis on Call, a specialized vehicle carries the dialysis machine, consumables, RO water tank, and an expert technician to the patient’s home. After ensuring the pre-requisites, the dialysis is conducted and the vehicle returns to its base location.


To ensure the highest level of quality standards and patient safety, dedicated protocols have been established for the process by NephroPlus’ Quality team in consultation with leading nephrologists. The overall process is much more comfortable for the patient as they do not need to travel and can get dialysis within the comfort of their homes. One major advantage of this service over regular Home Hemodialysis services (which NephroPlus already offers) is that the machine and other equipment do not need to be stationed in the patient’s home. This appeals to patients who don’t like the idea of complex medical equipment in their homes.


This service is available for all Dialysis patients in the city including those who do not currently get dialysis at one of NephroPlus’s centres.


This process can also help nursing homes and hospitals which do not have dialysis centers for admitted patients who require dialysis. Instead of making these patients travel to another hospital in an ambulance, the Dialysis on Call service team can travel to the hospital/nursing home and conduct the dialysis under the observation of the hospital team.

Patients who wish to avail of this service at their doorstep can call the NephroPlus number (1800120001001) or visit the website


Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO of NephroPlus, said, “Offering quality and innovative services to dialysis patients has always been our priority, and this is another step towards making dialysis more accessible for them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, several patients were unable to travel for their regular dialysis sessions, and every missed dialysis session hurts the patient’s health.  Since these patients are immunocompromised and have significantly higher mortality due to COVID than healthy people, reducing the exposure of such people to external environments, specifically hospitals in these tough pandemic times is critical. We are glad to roll out this service in Hyderabad and Pune and plan to scale this up to 5 cities including Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore in the country over the next several weeks.”


Further, Kamal D Shah, Co-Founder, and Director, Patient Services of NephroPlus added. “The Dialysis on Call service is specially designed to help patients access their treatment in the comfort of their homes. Since I am a dialysis patient for more than 24  years now, I understand the hardships involved, and therefore to make these services accessible, we have kept this process very flexible. Patients or their attendants can call the NephroPlus customer care number and the team can provide Dialysis on Call in less than a couple of hours for serviceable areas. Unlike Home Hemodialysis, there is no commitment that the users have to make. They can choose to take one dialysis session or take their regular dialysis sessions. There is no fixed cost associated with the patients as it is pay per session model. We hope with this initiative we would be able to serve more and more needy people on dialysis.”


About NephroPlus:

NephroPlus operates 250+ dialysis centers in 160+ cities across 21 states and 4 countries and is known for its quality focus and patient-centricity. The company was established 11 years back with a vision to enable people on dialysis across the world to lead long, happy, and productive lives. The company treats 18,000+ patients per month and has performed 52+ Lakh dialysis treatments to date. For further information:

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