Friday, July 30, 2021

FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems by Häfele: Improving Upon Perfection

A pivot door is a rotating part of a wall that can influence space, functionality and perception. Häfele’s FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems allow minimal gaps around the door and make it possible to design pivot doors without limitations. The high load-bearing capacity of these systems gives freedom to create pivot doors that exceed the function of a normal door and become true design statements.

All FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems by Häfele are fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door, no structural elements are therefore required in the floor and ceiling. All you see is your perfect pivot door, a virtually invisible system. This cost-effective and time-saving construction makes it possible to fit pivot doors anytime, anywhere, including in existing buildings.

The three unique systems – FritsJurgens System One, System 3 and System M, offer diverse functionality and even after being tested for over 1 million cycles (similar to 136 years of daily use) they still behave flawlessly ensuring maintenance-free operation of panels up to 500 kg.

These systems are truly designed for the ages: invisible, stylish and maintenance-free.

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