Monday, July 19, 2021

Loco launches ‘Loco Originals’ with ‘Charcha with Thugwa - Season 3’, presented by Gillette

 ~ Watch one of India’s biggest streamers, 8bit Thug indulge in candid conversations with some of India’s Top Gamers, exclusively only on Loco ~

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National, July 20, 2021: With a vision to bring an unparalleled entertainment experience for the gaming community, Loco, India's leading live game streaming platform, strengthens its footprint with the launch of Loco Originals. The platform launched season 3 of the popular chat show ‘Charcha With Thugwa’, in continuation to creating innovative content formats for its users. Hosted by one of India’s top streamers, 8Bit Thug, the latest season is presented by Gillette and will be exclusively available on Loco.


The previous seasons of ‘Charcha With Thugwa’ were aired on Thug’s official YouTube channel showcasing an impressive lineup of gamers who shared their experiences in the esports world and won over digital audiences across the nation with their authenticity.


This season, Thug will be seen indulging in candid conversations with top of the line gamers and streamers like Mortal, Scout, Jonathan, Dynamo,Goldy, Ghatak, Snax, Kratos, AS gaming, Two side gamers, Alpha Clasher, Ankkita, Payal along with Viper, Regaltos, Mavi. Cast over 8 episodes, these gamers will be seen talking about their personal experiences, the meaningful friendships they have developed, their on and off camera personalities, and the daily challenges they faced while building their career in gaming and esports.


Gillette has chosen to be the brand partner for Season 3, recognizing the synergies between the target audiences of both the brands. Just like the precision required to be a good gamer with the right gaming techniques, Gillette provides precision in grooming with its advanced styling tools like Gillette Fusion and Gillette Mach 3. As more gamers indulge in live streaming, appearances play a vital role in shaping their public personalities, making Gillette an ideal brand partner for this season.


Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, Founders of Loco, said “Loco enables novice gamers to become household names. It has helped build the foundation for the rise of a new creator economy in India. With game streaming and esports, we are witnessing the rise of a completely new category in entertainment and at Loco, we are excited to serve this ecosystem. While we are just getting started on our library for Loco Originals, our goal remains to engage gamers and viewers on the platform and Charcha With Thugwa - Season 3 aligns with that objective seamlessly. With more exciting content in store for gamers, we are hopeful to see a surge in users on the platform.”


8Bit Thug (Animesh Agarwal), popular streamer and host of the show, said “Having started ‘Charcha With Thugwa’ in 2019, I have had the chance to interact with some of India’s featured gaming icons and it has truly been an enriching experience for me. Leveraging this first of its kind, gaming talk-show, we were able to tap into the potential fan base of gamers and gain momentum for this rapidly scaling industry in India. I am super excited to partner with Loco for this season as it will help us target relevant audiences, present on the platform. I am looking forward to the latest season presented by Gillette, which has a bigger lineup of gamers and more insightful conversations into our universe of gaming.”

Watch Season 3 of Charcha With Thugwa - new episodes dropping every Saturday, 17th July onwards only on Loco!



About Loco:


Loco - India’s leading game streaming platform, is dedicated to democratizing gaming entertainment, where viewers can stream themselves playing or enjoy streaming esports content created by leading gamers and teams. Some of the most popular games on the platform include FreeFire, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant and GTA 5. Loco houses some of India’s top competitive gamers like Sc0ut, Jonathan, Thug, Ghatak, Sumit, GTX Preet, Snax, and Xyaa along with top teams like TSM, IND, and S8ul among others. With established partners like Activision, Red Bull, NBA 2K League and Logitech - G, the platform brings an unmatched entertainment experience to the Indian gaming audiences. Loco is currently available on both Android and iOS.

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