Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Duroflex signs up Alia Bhatt as their first Brand Ambassador


The dream team is on a mission to help India sleep better
National, July 2021: Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions provider, Duroflex has announced youth icon, Alia Bhatt as their first-ever brand ambassador. The trusted sleep solutions brand, with over 50 years of expertise, is all set to launch their next big campaign with her, inspiring India to sleep better. 

As an actor, Alia is known for her versatility, award winning performances and commitment to excellence. She is constantly pushing boundaries, scaling new heights and at the same time balancing professional achievements with personal well-being. She considers restful sleep to be the cornerstone of her healthy lifestyle and often takes to her social platforms to show her love for sleep. Alia’s strong commitment to sleep evangelism makes her the perfect ambassador for Duroflex.
Commenting on the collaboration, Smita Murarka, CMO, Duroflex said: “Duroflex has always been a thought leader in the sleep solutions category and is on a mission to help India sleep better. We wanted to collaborate with an authentic voice that resonates with the new age consumer. Alia Bhatt is the quintessential youth icon who has carved a niche by being fearlessly herself. She advocates sleep being a pivotal part of a healthy lifestyle. Through her, we want to reach out to the whole country on our shared commitment to sleep evangelism.”

In today’s stress-filled environment, sleep is being compromised, and as a brand, Duroflex wants to encourage India to upgrade its choices in essential products like mattresses that enable better sleep. The brand makes mattresses and sleep accessories that are research backed and technologically advanced.

Duroflex also continuously evangelises sleep through its social channels @duroflexworld and collaborates with credible creators who believe in the superpower of sleep.
Commenting on her association with Duroflex, Alia Bhatt says: “Being an actor, early call times and power packed schedules are a way of life. I have learnt that Sleep is my superpower that boosts my productivity and is critical to my success. I make sure I never compromise on my sleep. I am thrilled to be associated with a powerful brand like Duroflex to create awareness about the importance of sleep and help India make informed choices while investing in sleep essentials like mattresses”

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