Thursday, July 1, 2021

Betterplace Job Malls – A Unique offering in the Blue Collar Ecosystem Over 12000 gig workers onboarded despite the pandemic year

 Date: July 2021, Mumbai: Betterplace, India’s largest tech platform for the Blue-collar workforce ventured into the hybrid model for onboarding gig workers by opening Job Malls in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The aim is to provide the most efficient hiring and onboarding experience designed for employers and blue-collar employees. In the span of one year, despite the pandemic and two lockdowns, over 14500 workers have been placed through these Job Malls, of which Bangalore is the highest contributor of 11000 placements to date since it was the first to be opened.

The Job Malls were introduced for creating an ecosystem whereby multiple employers can hire talent under a single roof around the clock. Beyond providing jobs instantly, these job malls are also distribution points by ecosystem partners for banking, finance, health, consumer goods, accommodation & e-bikes amongst other basic requirements for blue-collar workers to access a better life. Top employers hiring blue-collar workers like Flipkart & Zomato amongst many others have dedicated kiosks for hiring job seekers on the spot. Till date, eight companies such as Flipkart, eComm express, Rapido & Uber moto have  bolstered their hiring requirements using these Job Malls. Though the Job malls started out as an experiment it has evolved into a huge opportunity for aggregators for their last mile fulfilment.

Saurabh Tandon, Chief Operating Officer, Betterplace said, “A concept like this has appealed to many blue-collared workers who are seeking jobs and need proper in-person guidance. With the Betterplace Job malls, we wanted to provide an opportunity for both employers and blue-collared workers to achieve a common goal – efficient hiring and hassle-free onboarding. We are happy that our Job mall in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad have contributed to so many onboardings, boosting the blue-collared sector. We look forward to spreading our Job malls across the country and providing job opportunities to job seekers. We are also following strict covid protocols to ensure safety of all jobseekers walking in to these Job Malls looking for a livelihood during these troubled times”

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