Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Will power of Mayur Shelke and lessons to learn from

 17 April , 2021 :

Vangani near Mumbai , after Badlapur .

Mayur works as a pointsman in railway track. 

He saw the train approaching. The platform is empty. A  lady was walking with her son on this platform.

Mayur ran towards the train. The train was so near  and speeding fast that the boy  as well as Mayur would have been crushed under the train wheels. But Mayur did not stop , he ran fast , held the boy, lifted him up towards the platform and then he himself jumped up. Within seconds he saved both lives.

The lady could not save that child and she 

Mayur said in an interview , that for a second , a thought occurred that , this boy is going to die anyway but while saving him , even I will die as the train was approaching so fast.

And then for the next second , another thought was , only I can save him , none other can save him. Then why not ? So I ran and saved him .

Only for a second a negative thought stopped him but he shirked it. He covered that lost second running faster . Saved the boy's life as well as his own 

When there's a will , there's a way. If we have the will , then we can find the way. The powerful will finds the solution . The person with powerful will can save the live 

Exceptional courage

Breathtaking rescue 

Seconds between life & death

Reallife hero

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