Monday, April 19, 2021

Precautions Taken By A High-Risk Pregnancy Patient By Dr Gandhali Deorukhkar, Gynecologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

Given the current lifestyle and work culture, many women are undergoing high-risk pregnancies. If you are someone with a high-risk pregnancy, the emotional roller coaster is a part of the package. Although anxiety and stress are inevitable, there is really no dire need to get too worked up about your high-risk pregnancy. With the development of amazing medical facilities and regular prenatal care, you can have a healthy baby with a safe outcome despite your high-risk.


Here are 7 precautions you need to follow to have a healthy baby.


  1. Acceptance

Accepting your condition is the first step to dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. Knowing that you have to handle a high-risk pregnancy makes you well aware and better prepared. You know what you are getting into. You understand all the essential complications well. If you remain in denial, then you cannot judge the red flags and you will miss out on essential treatment.


  1. Trust

The key to handling a high-risk pregnancy is to trust your doctor. Have faith in your physician that they want the best for you and will advise the same. Reading articles on the internet or listening to other family and friends providing their unsolicited advice will only make things worse. You need to listen only to the expert. Avoid reading unnecessary information online and stop confusing your mind. Better option is to get all your queries solved by the gynaecologist herself.


  1. Consistency

Be consistent with your management plan. Take your medicines on time. Do not miss out on any of the supplements. All are essential and critical for the growth of your healthy baby. In case of any adverse side effects, inform your physician right away. Do not hesitate to consult your physician for any complaint. Give a detailed history of all the issues that you are facing in your high-risk pregnancy.


  1. Strict control

Diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Given your high-risk pregnancy, it is even more necessary to follow a healthy diet. Do not give in to all your cravings. Moderation is key. Control your portion size and limit your intake of fatty and sugar-filled foods. Junk food is completely off the table. In case you have conditions like gestational diabetes, you may have to go off of sugar entirely. Women with hypertension during pregnancy, which is known as eclampsia and pre-eclampsia, need to be careful about their salt intake. You may also be advised for complete bed rest owing to the severity of your condition. Hence, it is better to follow a strict diet plan to avoid all such added flavours of salt and sugar.


  1. Exercise Regime

Exercise helps your body stay fit mentally and physically. But if you have been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy and are suffering from a low-lying placenta, it is advised not to carry out yoga and antenatal exercises. Consult your gynaecologist about the exercises that are allowed for your case and follow them to the T.


  1. Vigilance

Know your symptoms well. Understand the side effects and symptoms of any complications that may arise. So that you are better prepared to inform your physician right away. Any kind of spotting or bleeding or any sudden pain with decreased baby movement, report to your gynaecologist right away. This way, you can avoid all complications at an earlier stage itself.


  1. Readiness

Be prepared with all the necessary essential items you require post-delivery. Pack your hospital bag well in advance as you never know when you may deliver with a high-risk pregnancy. Most cases have a proactive birth plan ready. But in case of an emergency, you are ready and good to go without the hassle of packing in the last minute.


Most important of all, have a strong support system with you. You need someone you can communicate with and share all your worries with. They just need to be there listening to you and helping you stay calm and relaxed. Listen to your body and your baby. They will guide you in the right direction. Maintain your regular visits to the gynaecologist and get all your doubts solved. Stay happy and keep smiling for a healthy pregnancy and complication-free delivery. Remember, a stress-free pregnancy is happy pregnancy.





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