Thursday, March 26, 2020

Post the FM announcement on the relief package for the underprivileged sector, the inputs by Ms. Seema Prem, Co-Founder, FIA Global

The Relief package is a welcome move that assuages the concerns of the poor and provides immediate relief to scores of families who have been economically devastated due to the lockdown. I hope the FM will soon announce subsequent economic packages for other industries and the middle class who have also been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Specific to the business Correspondent industry championing the PMJDY program, we have the following suggestions:

  • The medical insurance cover to be extended to Bank staff and bank mitras and all personnel who are providing essential services
  • Hearing the announcement, people will rush to the bank mitras to withdraw cash. Due to the lockdown and closure of bank branches, there will be shortage of cash
  • Bank Mitras are being asked and sometimes compelled by the police to close down their centers when the crowds increase. So this will lead to difficulties for jandhan customers to withdraw cash for their daily expenditure
  • Bank Mitras are not able to manage crowds at their centers especially when people refuse to follow social distancing. Fearing for their lives, they are closing the centers
  • Cash Delivery arrangements for Bank Mitra and deployment of Security at kiosk banking outlet for safe and hassle-free delivery of services.
  • Sudden rise in cash-flow shall increase the risk for Bank Mitra. Travel to branch or ATM for cash withdrawal in these pandemic situation is also a risk and wastage of business hours.

Bank Mitras, the lifeline of rural banking particularly in underserved areas is at High Risk due to this and might perish silently with abrupt closures, destroying the skilled outreach built over the years. We request an immediate economic package for the Bank Mitras who should be paid Rs. 10,000 per month for the next 3 months to tide over this difficult period.

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