Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Classic Legends announces Production Stoppage

COVID-19 Affects production hence delays deliveries
  • Post COVID-19 expectation of 10k bikes per month production capacity
Classic Legends announced today that their operations have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak across the world.
Our foremost concern is the people who are involved with us in different capacities, be it customers, employees, suppliers, dealers and all those partnering us. We are taking all precautions and are adhering to government directives to ensure the containment of the outbreak and we encourage everyone to do the same.
Due to the widespread nature of the outbreak, China has seen supply issues since January while the rest of the world has been severely impacted in the last three weeks. Not only production, but the supply chain is also hampered as ports continue to be jammed.
Since Jawa motorcycles has a strong waitlist of customers, there was negligible inventory of components from suppliers as parts were used to produce motorcycles as soon as they arrived. Consequently, supply disruptions due to COVID -19 has hit Classic Legends especially hard.
The supply chain has dependency, mostly indirectly through Tier 2 suppliers, on Chinese manufacturers for NIKASIL coating and a few other items like the LCD panel in the speedometer. In India, component suppliers across the spectrum are in various stages of closure which has impacted the production schedules and therefore deliveries as well.
As a result, Jawa and Forty Two deliveries for February and March have been affected and it is expected to continue in April as well. Classic Legends regrets to announce Perak deliveries will not begin on the 2nd of April as indicated earlier due to the supply disruptions stated aboveWe shall provide updated delivery timelines for all models once clarity emerges. 
On the positive side, Chinese factories have started giving production schedules again. Once the situation in the India normalises, we expect production will start at full capacity again and will be updating its delivery schedules for all models as soon as clarity emerges.
Making the announcement, Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO, Classic Legends stated, “These are unprecedented times. Our thoughts are foremost on the safety and well-being of our customers and people engaged with us in different capacities. Coming to the disruption in production and delivery, we are confident and prepared to overcome the blip that COVID-19 has caused.
The Pithampur plant capacity is expected to go upto to 10,000 motorcycles per month when the situation is fully normalised. With these increased numbers, Jawa lovers can expect quicker deliveries and new customers will have to wait lesser for their motorcycles.
In the meantime, we advise everyone to stay safe and take all precautions that are necessary and following all directives of the relevant authorities.”
About Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd.
Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company established to re-introduce iconic marquee motorcycle brands in the market. Classic Legends aims to become India’s first true lifestyle company and provide opportunities to consumers to relive the heritage of classic brands by co-creating exciting product and service offerings along with the motorcycling ecosystem.

Jawa is a motorcycle brand from Czech Republic, erstwhile Czechoslovakia, with a 90-year legacy, which in its heydays exported classic, well-engineered and rugged motorcycles to more than 120 countries. It entered the Indian markets in the early 1960’s. The twin aspects of Jawa motorcycles - its beautiful design and strong performance character helped it not only to win hearts but also win many world titles.
From its marquee brands portfolio, Classic Legends is currently bringing alive the Jawa, not simply as a brand but a way of life. Classic Legends has leveraged the best of its partner capabilities in design and engineering along with the global expertise, to launch products that capture the DNA and ethos, of the original Jawa.

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