Friday, March 6, 2020

Corporate Wellness Aggregator GALF partners with GRIT to combine the ideas of fitness and adventure together

Get a Life Fitness (GALF) a corporate wellness aggregator joins hands with Grand Indian Trails (GRIT) which is a curator of unique and adventurous marathons and trails founded by India’s renowned Ultra Runners; Coach Sandeep Kumar and Ms.Nupur Singh. The concept of fitness and exercise is sometimes frowned upon since people tend to find it boring. With this collaboration GALF aims to bring a hint of fun and notch the excitement level up by bringing GrIT into the corporate wellness frame.

While advocating wellness as a lifestyle to corporates, it is important to make them realise that there are many ways that one can adopt to stay fit and healthy. A simple run everyday can go a long way in helping an individual maintain their fitness. Running helps with efficiently increasing endurance and building muscle to maintain an optimal body fat composition. Not only that, it also improves cardio-vascular health strengthening the heart and keeping several diseases at bay on the long run. Apart from this, it also improves the overall mood of the runner leaving them feeling refreshed. Grand Indian Trails curates extensive treks and trails at an advanced level which give runners a unique experience of exercising while also enjoying the picturesque locations that the trails are set at.

“To perceive wellness as a lifestyle and then to adopt it as that, one needs to really start enjoying the process of being fit. It needs to thrill an individual and excite them, fitness should be something people look forward to and do out of interest rather than out of compulsion” said Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF.

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Good partnership. They fit.