Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mumbai Based Audiologist and Speech Therapist Devangi Dalal appeals to be positive and caring in the times of a Pandemic

A few weeks ago, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Since pandemics in the past have had devasting effects, governments across the globe have taken immediate action to reduce the spread of this virus, so that the medical infrastructure is not overloaded. The most effective way to reduce the spread and prevent a large number of people being infected is by shutting down places where a big group of people gather.Also, the government and other non-governmental organizations continue to educate people about the spread and prevention of this disease and hygiene factors associated with prevention. 

Even though the number of cases in India is less than most countries yet, the government has shut down schools, malls, movie theatres and gymnasiums to reduce the risk of this virus spreading. For many, this is probably the first time they have seen a panic of this magnitude set in. People of Mumbai, who are known for their spirit, have taken step back and are making informed and wise decisions to control the spread of the virus truly following the ‘Prevention is better than cure’ path, says Devangi Dalal

Recently, JOSH Foundation and many other conducted an event on World Hearing Day 2020: Hearing For Life, an initiative taken in association with the World Health Organization. The key message of this initiative was good hearing health, to connect us to each other and our community. Similarly, this pandemic is also teaching us to hear for our lives and pay attention towards the finer points and people that make up our family, community and country.

In difficult times like these, it is really hard to find a silver lining but staying positive is extremely important as mental health and family support is as crucial as hygiene to ride this storm. Along with the spread of disease, fear and anxiety arealso rampant. However, it is important to stay calm to face these difficult times and a lot of people are leaning to faith to build strength to face this situation that they have never seen in their lifetime.

One positive is that after years of running towards dreams at the cost of health and personal relationships, amongst other things, people have shifted their focus to basic necessities that are really important like clean food, personal hygiene and spending time with family.The pandemic scare is teaching people the most elementary things about personal sanitation which is beneficial in the long run. People who have been living away from their families for many years are coming back from abroad to be close to family and their loved ones.

With all forms of entertainment closed and the children at home, people have started spending more time as a family indoors, bonding with each other and listening to the needs and wants of their family and connecting with them on a deeper level. There has also been a rise in the number of people taking their elderly parents for checkups as times like these have really shown us what is truly important.

In addition, people have now started to follow hygienic practices and good habits that have been part of our education and culture for long, like washing their hands often, covering their mouths while coughing and sneezing,sanitizing their hands before touching their mouth and nose and also ensuring that they do not go out to eat too often to prevent exposure, and if they do only to uncrowded places. They are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and going out of their way to maintain cleanliness, which ideally is something that should be followed on a day-to-day basis, pandemic or no pandemic.

So lets be positive in this difficult times , hear and listen to GOD who has made lovely creations like us. Have faith in him, Respect Parents , value our life, family and money. Connect to yr family community and country whom u belong to, education will make you more attentive and self responsible. clean your house and environment around you, organize yourself and your house as there are many things lying with you unwanted which can help others who are in need. your self confidence your will power and your positive energy and your kindness is only the need of the day and time.

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