Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Maiden Edition of RIGHT TO PROTEIN Recently Concluded in Mumbai


A “Right to Protein” seminar focusing towards raising awareness on the importance of protein in the Indian diet
With an objective to generate awareness on protein consumption and other vital aspects of proteins, a seminar on “RIGHT TO PROTEIN” was hosted at The Club Mumbai in Mumbai. Considering the lack of awareness amongst the Indian masses about protein consumption, the health seminar focused on educating the audience about the importance and role of protein in daily Indian diets.
The importance of first-class Proteins, Protein requirements in Indians (Paediatrics & Geriatrics) and its role in various sports and body building activities were discussed at length. The platform brought together experts from across India under one roof to discuss the need and benefits of proteins in the country.
The seminar was attended by the doyens of the health industry including nutritionists, renowned chefs, food researchers and biologists, food, health and fitness experts. The Guest of Honour Dr. Jyoti Dipak Vora - Head of Dept, Associate Professor, Ramnarain Ruia College (Superannuated); Mr. Nilesh Lele, Director, Sawarde Valley Food Foundation; Dr. Meena Mehta - Associate Professor of Food Science & Nutrition, Dr. B.M Nanavati College of Home Science (Autonomous); Ms. Priya Subnis Arte, Founder Director, SBC3 (Centre for Social and Behavior Change Communication); and Ms. Chinmayee Deulgaonkar, Secretary, Association Food Scientists and Technologists India inaugurated the seminar providing key insights on the need for a better understanding of proteins in the country.
With prominent names stepping on the stage and acknowledging the importance of protein, the event orbited around the significance of the nutrient, its requirements in Indians and introduced Protein-O-Meter. Lt. General Balbir Sandhu AVSM, VSM, enlightened the audience with his experience about the food supply at the Indian Arms forces. He discussed the dire need to educate the Indians about the adequate consumption of protein to facilitate the Government’s vision of having a fit and healthy nation. On the other hand, Ms. Priya Karkera, a leading Paediatric Nutritionist focused on educating the attendees on the various kinds of protein, their nutritional facts and the daily requirements. Dr. Vaibhav Daga, Head- Sports Science & Rehabilitation at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital stressed the importance of protein in sports and bodybuilding and suggested ways to improve the performance of the sportsperson in various sports. Chef Sabyasachi Goria provided the perspective on the use of protein-rich ingredients from the culinary point of view and showcased a live cooking demo using protein-rich ingredients.

Talking about RIGHT TO PROTEIN Mr. Atul Khanna said, “We are guided by the six core values- Right To Protein Education, Right To Protein Examination, Right To Protein Affordability, Right To Protein Accessibility, Right To Protein Intake & Right To Protein Fitness. We have received great response from the experts of the health industry to not just advocate the various benefits of the nutrient but to also debunk the myths related to macro nutrient”. 
RIGHT TO PROTEIN is India’s first such initiative supported by several like-minded Indians, individuals, academicians, professionals, and institutions and has also garnered support globally. The ecosystem also aims to improve the quality and consistency of different types of protein consumed in India and thereby leading to higher consumption of both animal and plant-based proteins.
With a mission is to educate the people of India on the importance of proteins in their daily health, fitness, and well-being. The core objective is to, therefore, foster behavioral change among individuals and communities at all levels, by championing the cause of protein sufficiency and help India be more protein aware for better nutrition and improved public health.

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