Friday, February 14, 2020

Celebrate love for Grandparents this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was celebrated with a twist at Viviana Mall. On Friday, over 30 senior citizens and their grandchildren came together to the mall to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Grandchildren shook a leg and increased the glamour quotient in their lives by walking the ramp with their grandparents.

Friday’s celebration was part of Good Ol’ Fridays, an initiative by the International Advertising Association – India Chapter in association with Viviana Mall and Rotary Club District 3141. The initiative – Good Ol’ Fridays encourage youth to spend quality time with their grandparents by doing various activities and creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

During the day, the grandparents got a makeover session and free massage session as part of the mall’s motto to ‘Celebrate Everyday’.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Manoj K. Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Viviana Mall said, “As one of the leading malls in the country, we think promoting healthy community engagement is our key responsibility. Grandparents are an integral part of the family and society at large. In this fast-paced life sometimes they get left behind and crave the love and attention of their family especially their grandchildren. Good Ol’ Fridays is an initiative that promotes a healthy and strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren. It looks to celebrate the wisdom that the grandparents pass on to the young minds. We believe that this initiative has created a path for both the grandparents and grandchildren to forge an eternal bond.”

This is the first time in the six years of Viviana Mall’s inception that Valentine’s Day was celebrated, but with a difference. “We believe in having an inclusive approach and togetherness. There were over 30 grandparents and grandkids who had registered with us to come to the mall and celebrate. The healthy turnout today shows that Indian culture remains intact and grandchildren do care for the elder generation,” said Mrs Rima Kirtikar, Chief Marketing Officer, Viviana Mall.

According to a recent report, children who have strong relationships with their grandparents demonstrate more pro-social behaviour like kindness and generosity and don’t suffer from anxiety and depression. Grandparents impart knowledge and skillsets to the younger generation. It is important to allow them to get together to learn from each other and relish life from each other’s perspective.

In today’s urban life and rise in nuclear families as well as children moving to other cities for studies is resulting in them having no time for their grandparents. Isolation exposes vulnerable grandparents to weakened mental health. Good Ol’ Fridays is an initiative that encourages grandparents and grandchildren to spend quality time with each other every Friday at Viviana Mall and have exultant memories which will help them to only make the bond stronger.


Viviana Mall, a well-known ‘Destination Mall’, was built to give an experience. Encompassing one million square feet, Viviana Mall covers over 250 leading brands in its prime retail and leisure space. Established in 2013, the mall is India’s first and only visually impaired friendly mall and has also launched “XRCVC-Viviana Extension” a resource centre for visually impaired. The mall earned ICSC award fifth time in a row.

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