Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Trinetra Foundation conducts Paper bags making workshop in Sion

Trinetra Foundation is a N.G.O. based in mumbai with registered office in Andheri . Their main objectives are Anti suicide,No Baggers Zone and helping bollywood artists and technicians. They also run a special program [making of paper bags at home] to support No plastic bags program of Maharashtra government . In this program they take sessions in various parts of Mumbai to teach public about making of paper bags. It's also helpful to those who are free at home. They can earn handsome amount by using their skill.

Trinetra Foundation is the only N.G.O. in India which offers the ANTI SUICIDE program . They help those who try and think about suicide. They have a special team to handle it.  They love to work for Maharashtra government and Government Of India  to solve problem of farmers suicide.

Dr. Amitabh  Gosh a Psychiatrist is only one doctor in india who is specialist in psychodrama serving with Trinetra that make them more proud. They are planning to start their services for public of Jammu & Kashmir and in Rajasthan soon.

Please connect for more information :
Anil Mahajan  :  Chairman
Annapurna Bhairi  : Programs Head
Sonam Sanjeev  : Paper bags -program head
Balraj kashyap /  Alka Swami  : Media head