Saturday, December 7, 2019

Super Power Author Workshop by #1 Bestselling Author Publisher of Adhyyan Books CA Nitin Soni

Tell me your Dreams. If you dream about Name, Fame & Wealth, then the sure fire solution is to be an Amazon Bestseller Author. Wow! Sounds Simple, but How to be an Author? Join me for an amazing workshop by Nitin Soni Sir at Radisson, Mumbai 

Following are the bullet points :
1. You can decide upon the topic in 1 Day!
2. You can write a Book in 21 Days!
3. You can become an Amazon Bestseller in 12 Hours!

Nitin Soni Sir shared the exact same secrets that has helped him and his clients write amazing books and build incredible coaching & consulting businesses around their books!

One of his most successful author-client is our very own, Mumbaichi Mulgi, Dr. Leena Prabhu ( Daughter of Dr. Ramesh Prabhu - Ex-Mayor of Mumbai ) who authored, Amazon Bestseller 'My Path to Prajna'
Nitin Sir covered the exact step by step process on how anyone can Write & Publish a Book to Establish Credibility, Build a Personal Brand, Generate More Leads and Multiply their Coaching and Consulting Business.
His Intention is to help Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, Consultants and Entrepreneurs with the following 5 Key Areas:
✅ BUILD BUSINESS: How to write a Book and use it to expand your existing business or start a new business around the book!
✅ BECOME A BRAND: The No1 Secret to Become an Expert, Establish Credibility and Build a Tremendous Personal Brand
✅ GENERATE LEADS: Surefire way to Generate Unlimited Leads & Prospects of potential clients
✅ AMAZON BESTSELLER: How to Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
✅ SPEED WRITING: A Proven system to write a non-fiction book in 21 days or less
This Workshop is highly recommended as he shared with us how we can write and use a book to multiply our income and enhance our credibility and attract more clients!
Jack Canfield once said, 'When it comes to book publishing success, its 10% content and 90% everything else' - What is this 90%? Well, Nitin Sir advices us, having sold thousands of copies of his book 'Super Power Student' and after helping 100s of authors across India write, publish and promote books to Amazon #1 Bestseller spot - Its all about the title, cover and how you promote your book on Amazon that matters.
'Right decision at the right time leads to success'.
Here's Nitin Soni Sir, verbatim ... " You have been thinking about writing a book for long now, NOT ANYMORE! ...and you know what? Why you have been thinking and could not come out with a Published Book yet? - because you don't know how a book is engineered (read written), people struggle with what to write, when to write, how to write, where to begin! and these are little hurdles that I can help you overcome with my Super Power Author Workshop."
"I don't know how you started 2019 but you can end 2019 as a Published Author! The main reason why people can't finish writing a book is - they think that it takes months & years to write a book. But that's not true!"
"If you follow a system - You can finish writing a Book in exact 21 Days! 100s of my previously trained authors who tried this system completed their books in less than 21 days! The beauty of the 'system' is that it never fails! Irrespective of what you write about! Yes... You read that right! You have the story/idea, now allow me to help you become a Published Author! Not only that - I will share with the secret formula of using a book as a branding and marketing tool to generate unlimited leads of potential clients and make millions on the way!
Visit to know more. 
Other than it being a great networking opportunity to meet other Authors & Budding Authors from Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Consulting and professional fields it was also a great opportunity for us to get some of the insights and strategies that Nitin Sir has learned over the years that has helped him set up multiple online and offline business around his books. Not just him, but a lot of his client's as well!
That's exactly what people like Robin Sharma, T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Shiv Khera and many others have done! isn't it?
If you'd like to get a step by step blueprinting of writing, publishing, promoting and building business around your book - this one day event will transform your life!


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