Wednesday, April 17, 2019

VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy will host you for #FantasyFridays

Regular life is boring, but does it have to be?~ Get on-board, VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy will host you for #FantasyFridays ~

Watch the Fuh se Fantasy music video here:

In the VOOT original’s Fuh se Fantasy’s musical video starring popular TV faces; Karan Wahi and Gaurav Pandey have killed the mundane by making their reality fantastical.  And well, who else could’ve given wings to their fantasies other than the gorgeous ladies, Priya Banerjee and Anurpiya Goenka. Through a VR set, these actors go on a joyful ride and groove to the beats of their fantasies. Introducing you to the world of love and fancies, VOOT brings to you the #FantasyFridays like never before.

The boy meets the girl of his dreams, flirtatious desires and a fun musical comes into play and the screen is filled with some irresistible and spiced up chemistry. This way of spicing your life makes is just one of the way’s to make your fantasies come alive!
Hop on board as this ten episodic anthology, Fuh se Fantasy is all about an out of box reality and the delight in modern relationships that dare to explore their deepest, quirkiest and most exciting desires.

We say, let loose enjoy the song and experience the world of relationships, sensations, a beautiful set-up and some fantasies!

Fuh se Fantasy on VOOT awaits you and your #FantasyFridays
‘Kyunki, Reality mein, thodi fantasy bhi zaroori hai!’

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