Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Godrej Appliances presents an innovative, future-friendly cooling technology

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Launches the new QUBE - a stylish & compact food and beverage cooler with multiple possibilities, powered by the unique advanced solid state electronic cooling eco- friendly technology

Godrej Appliances, India's leading player in the home appliances segment and a brand known for its expertise in refrigeration, announces the launch of QUBE, a unique lifestyle product, powered by an advanced solid state electronic cooling green technology that cools and does not freeze. Godrej is the first brand to launch this revolutionary technology for the Indian market.

While all traditional cooling devices continue to rely on refrigerant based cooling, the new GODREJ QUBE is refrigerant free, compressor free and works instead on a thermo-electric chip. Most refrigerants cause global warming in varying degrees. The non-refrigerant advanced solid state electronic cooling technology is therefore the most environment friendly cooling solution.

Qube has been piloted in various states of the country for the hospitality segment, a couple of months ago. Based on the overwhelming response received, now the brand forays into the B2C segment through its trade channels. A one of its kind cooling device, Godrej Qube is designed especially for small cooling needs of people. One of its biggest advantage is that unlike all the other cooling solutions available in this segment, it is a 0 frost product which means no defrosting hassles. This unique no defrosting advantage coupled with its compact footprint and relative storage capacity, silent operation and aesthetically appealing design, makes Godrej Qube ideal as a personal Food & Beverage cooling device suited for various living and work spaces, much beyond the kitchen – be it bedrooms or offices and shops or hotels, hostels and guest houses.

It comes packed with multiple other features like LED lit interiors, stabilizer free operation, compatibility with home inverter, magnetic auto door closure system, easy maintenance & service and delivers best in class performance and convenience to the users, while being 100% Green and environment-friendly.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and Executive Vice President – Godrej Appliances, said, “Ever since the launch of the first Indian refrigerator manufactured by us, 61 years ago, we have constantly been evolving to meet customer expectations becoming a popular choice in Indian households for frost free and direct cool refrigerators. Over the years we have developed a deep expertise in the domain of refrigeration/ cooling and its adjacent spaces. At Godrej, our endeavour has always been to delight our stakeholders while being conscious of our responsibility towards the planet and our future generations. With QUBE, we bring yet another unique lifestyle product for our consumers, catering to their small cooling needs, powered by the disruptive advanced solid state electronic cooling green technology making it a hallmark of sustainability as well. QUBE stands as a testimony of the relentless efforts we put in towards bringing new innovative, relevant and green technologies for our consumers to experience, resonating with our brand philosophy of ‘Soch Ke Banaya Hai’.”

Talking about the technology, Mr. Sanjay Lonial, Assistant Vice President – Thermoelectric Application Development, Godrej Appliances said, “With climate change being a haunting reality, there is a hunt for alternate technologies to mainstream vapour compression systems currently in use. Majority of the vapour compressor systems use refrigerants which aggravates the global warming issue. An alternate technology is the refrigerant free advanced solid state electronic cooling technology which has clear applications in cooling, heating, power generation and waste heat recovery. Godrej has been working on developing unique applications using this advanced solid state electronic cooling technology. Given its superiority on multiple dimensions such as sustainability, efficiency, portability, smaller form factor etc, we leveraged this revolutionary solid state electronic cooling green technology in QUBE, the newest addition to our product offerings. It is compatible with home inverter ensuring 24/7 operation. A blend of style and comfort, Godrej QUBE is a perfect little cooling device.”

Mr. Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head – Godrej Appliances, further added, “We are proud to present the new multi-application Godrej QUBE, powered by advanced solid state electronic cooling eco-friendly technology. Post the overwhelming response received for the product in the hospitality sector, we are introducing it in households and office spaces for the end consumers. We have already sampled it with our top trade partners and are optimistic that it will be well-received by end consumers. Apart from leveraging our strong trade network, we will be utilizing digital platforms also for targeting potential customers. Our consumer work reflects many potential applications given its compact footprint, no defrosting hassle and silent operation: like replacing the noisy bedroom refrigerator, or offering a segregated space for special food items or in offices, shops, hotels, hostels, guest houses etc. Suited for a variety of storage needs –cooked items, beverages, milk and dairy products including sweets, fruits and veggies, chocolates, medicines etc, the Qube is indeed full of possibilities.”

The new QUBE is available in two colours – Metallic Grey and Black, price starting at INR 6999, and will be made available throughout India.

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