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Mumbai has a maximum number of stressed school-going children, reveals the survey by

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~ Stressed school-going children desperately need after-school stress busting mechanisms; reveal experts ~

India’s fastest growing after-school hangout ‘’ enters Mumbai and rest of  Maharashtra

When ‘during-the-school’ stress levels have pushed 12 per cent of Indian children within the age-group of four to 18 years suffer from psychiatric disorders and about 20 per cent into mental disorders, yet another alarming situation has come forth.

According to the Survey conducted by, India’s first-of-its-kind after-school hangout for children, has revealed that the school going children in Mumbai within the age group of 10 to 18 years have reported the maximum school and education-centric stress levels. From among 5,000 school-going children surveyed out of eight cities and 2,000 children from Mumbai within the age-group of 10 to 18 years, about 80 per cent of them were found in acute stress levels; mainly owing to factors like pressure of daily studies, examinations, academic tuitions, parents’ expectations. Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi were topped after Mumbai on these scales with about 65%, 50% and 40% children from these cities; respectively reported acute stress levels.

Mr Ramachandran Kannan, Founder of brought these facts forward in a Press Conference today in Mumbai where he announced the launch of operations of in Mumbai and for the rest of Maharashtra. Mr Kannan maintained that stress-levels of school-going children have reached to disastrous levels in a city like Mumbai and the existing education system and a ‘must-to-perform’ culture by parents are adding to their woes. He warned the parents to address this issue immediately to bring out the children from this horrible situation.

In order to relieve students from the menace of heavy backpacks, heaps of text books and volumes of information flowing from formal academics, a Chennai-based technology-driven platform - ‘’ - has introduced an array of solutions to de-stress the school going children and their parents. Proving to be a unique and the fastest growing platform for meaningful, non-academic and informal engagements with children, ‘’ encourages the children and their parents maximise their ‘after-the-school’ and ‘after-the-examination’ time, particularly around the vacations, for nurturing life and social skills.

As part of its pan-India expansion, formalised its operations in Mumbai today. Mr Ramachandran Kannan, Founder of unveiled the plans and the roadmap of ‘’ for Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra. Being a tech-driven platform, Scooldudes was launched in both website and Mobile App versions to facilitate seamless, real-time and convenient user-experience to children and their parents. Scooldudes has entered in Mumbai around the summer vacations time when the school-going children are desperate to seek promising after-school engagement programmes.

On the occasion of the launch of Scooldudes in Mumbai and while explaining the concept and need of having such a distinguished platform, Mr Ramachandran Kannan said, “These days, a stressful education system has negatively impacted children’s exuberance, spontaneity and creativity. It has deprived them of learning life, leadership and social skills. Today’s children direly need a mechanism that will relieve them after their school and free time. Filling this void, through, we are providing them a strong, after-school hangout, which will offer activities and programmes to nurture and develop social skills, emotional development and hone out academic talent among them.  We are happy to expand our operations in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, where the school-going children badly need after-school engagement programmes to beat their stress levels.”

Started in 2013, as a fun-filled after-school hangout for the children between the age-group of 12 to 18 years, currently, Scooldudes has a presence in Chennai and other Southern States. Soon, Schooldudes will expand in other parts of India including Kolkata, New Delhi and other states of India in the next one year; mainly in Tier I and II cities. The company is also planning for a global launch in the near term.

With over 10,000 participants already signed in through its interactive online internet and off-line engagement platform in the form of communities, Scooldudes gives children an opportunity to bond with their counterparts and gain experience that would help in developing their life skills through daily activities such as contests, and express/develop their creative, literary and thinking skills. The platform teaches life skills through various outdoor activities such as rappelling, camping, organic farming, cooking with firewood, bonfires, stargazing, archery, non-competitive games and so on.
Offering a year-long curriculum, Scooldudes operates in three domains; viz: NATURE ESCAPE, CAREERWISE and SCOOLDUDES LEARNING ACADEMY. It offers outdoor camps and activities through NATURE ESCAPE those include rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, camping, etc. It also offers career guidance and mentorship for students of 8th to 12 standards through CAREERWISE. Thirdly, Scooldudes has its own Academy known as ‘SCOOLDUDES LEARNING ACADEMY’ that teaches masterclasses on all emotional, career and life related lessons.

Under its expansion in Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra, Scooldudes has opened up its own camping site at its sprawling property at Mangaon in Raigad District where it will offer best-in-class after-school learning and engagement programmes under the vertical – NATURE ESCAPE.Scooldudes has an online presence through web and social media and it has strategically collaborated with corporates, institutions and high influential intellectuals.

With these online and off-line capabilities, Scooldudes has planned its pan-India coverage. Adding further, Mr Kannan said, “As we intend to complete the unknown piece missing in the current education system, our activity oriented skill learning and gaining platforms are exceptional, as no other institution in the current system focuses on physical and mental growth aspects of children. As life is more than academics and maths.” Founded by Mr Ramachandran Kannan, an HR veteran and an author of several books on career guidance and kids development, is a fun-filled after-school hangout for children between 12 and 18 years of age who can develop their extra-curricular interests. It offers both online and off-line platform to children to express their creative selves, show their achievements,
learn and gain from a new activity that interest them. It hosts a dynamic set of indoor and outdoor
activities and conducts workshops and contests that are driven by student volunteers.



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Kids these days are a lot stressed because of the competition. It is good that there are some measures been taken to reduce the stress.

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sad to know...

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Good initiative 👍 👍 👍